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A few days ago we reported that Warner Brothers was determined to make another DC Comics movie this year to release next year, following Justin Lin’s ‘Aquaman’ starring Jason Momoa in the lead role, which is currently in pre-production to be released next December.

One of the movies that it is rumored to be on the fast track at WB is ‘Green Lantern Corps’ and now comes word that this may, in fact, be the next DC movie to go into production.  (It was originally not expected until 2020.)  The film will focus on both Hal Jordan and John Stewart, possibly with Jordan serving as a mentor to a  younger, more head strong Stewart.

DC’s CFO Geoff Johns is attached to pen the script with Justin Rhodes and David S. Goyer.  Now comes word that Goyer might be playing an even larger role with ‘GLC’– director.

Track Board’s Jeff Sneider revealed that Goyer could direct, on the Popcorn Talk’s ‘Meet The Movie Press’ on Youtube:

Goyer has some experience with adapting the DCU to other media, beginning with penning two episodes of ‘Justice League Unlimited’.  He hit the big time, working on the scripts for ‘Batman Begins’, ‘The Dark Knight’, ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘Batman V Superman’, as well as the upcoming ‘The Sandman’.  He also developed the NBC series ‘Constantine’ and the in-development ‘Krypton’.

He has experience directing superheroes on the big screen, having helmed ‘Blade: Trinity’.  He also directed episodes of his series ‘Flashforward’ and ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’.

While he doesn’t have a massive directing resume, he clearly has an understanding and appreciation of the source material.

WB has lofty goals for the cast.  Names that have emerged in connection to Hal include Tom Cruise, Joel McHale, Bradley Cooper, Armie Hammer, Jake Gyllenhaal, and James Marsden.  Oh and Ryan Reynolds, believe it or not, but it’s doubtful that they really want to remind people of the poorly-received ‘GL’ movie Reynolds starred in.  Plus, he now has a hit franchise in ‘Deadpool’ and even poked fun at ‘GL’ in that movie.

Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson was allegedly offered the role of John Stewart but passed to take on Black Adam in the ‘Shazam’ movie.  Meanwhile, Tyrese Gibson has also thrown his name out for consideration and he has a built-in fan base thanks to his role in the popular ‘Fast and Furious’ series.

Take all of this with a grain of salt, since WB still appears to be figuring out a direction for their DCEU.  But with ‘The Batman’ and ‘The Flash’ sidelined, for the time being, it is possible that ‘GLC’ could take their place.

Would you like to see ‘Green Lantern Corps’ in 2018?  How do you feel about Goyer directing?

Source: Meet The Movie Press via Screen Rant