Ever since audiences were blown away earlier this year with Marvel and Netflix’s ‘Daredevil‘ television series, fans have been eagerly awaiting the next collaboration from this team, a project many of you have probably heard of by now titled ‘Jessica Jones’. This weekend at New York Comic Con 2015, Marvel and Netflix held a panel to give fans a chance to experience ‘Jessica Jones’ first hand and get to know the cast a little bit better.

The upcoming series, simply titled ‘Jessica Jones‘ after the title character, tells the story of a former teen superhero turned private detective who tries to help solve people’s problems for a price, all while facing quite a few problems of her own. The series is based on the popular Marvel comic ‘Alias’, from Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos, which ran from 2001 through 2004.

The panel for the show at New York Comic Con 2015 was run by producer and Marvel TV Head Jeph Loeb. On hand at the convention panel was showrunner Melissa Rosenberg, as well as much of the series main cast like Erin Moriarty (Hope), Eka Darville (Malcolm), Will Traval (Will Simpson), Carrie-Anne Moss (Hogarth), Rachel Taylor (Trish Walker), Mike Colter (Luke Cage), and of course, series star Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones). Unfortunately, David Tennant (who portrays the series lead villain Killgrave, aka The Purple Man), couldn’t be there due to other work commitments, but he sent a video along with all of his love for the fans!

“It’s been a pretty crazy ride, Jeph (Loeb) and I have been working on this for four years! To be sitting here with this cast right now is just an extraordinary payoff” says showrunner Melissa Rosenberg. Loeb spends some time speaking with the cast about their experience making the show, mentioning that they are actually filming the new ‘Luke Cage’ series already right now! The crowd loves every minute of it. Then Loeb asks people to quiet down as he announces that they unfortunately don’t have any clips from the series to show off.

As the room quiets and the audience lets out a sigh of disappointment, Loeb chimes back in on the microphone with “We actually don’t have any clips, because we have THE ENTIRE FIRST EPISODE!” The room fades to black as the monitors kick on and the first episode proceeds to play on the screens.

By the time the first episode finished, the audience was stunned, and cheering louder than I think anyone anticipated. The initial reaction that people had to this Pilot Episode for ‘Jessica Jones’ leaves little doubt that Marvel and Netflix are about to have another massive hit on their hands.

You can watch the entire panel below!

The complete first season of Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ is set to hit Netflix streaming service on November 20th, 2015. The next Marvel/Netflix series, ‘Luke Cage’ is filming now!