Warner Brothers Is Scrambling To Film A DC Comics Movie This Year

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Well, normally I wouldn’t be this candid, but at this point… sorry Warner Brothers, but you are looking like a HOT MESS right now.  WB planned to build a Marvel-esque cinematic universe around its DC Comics superheroes.  The first entry was the underwhelming ‘Man of Steel’, followed by the TERRIBLE ‘Batman V Superman’ and then the scrambled mess that was ‘Suicide Squad’.  All eyes are on Patty Jenkin’s ‘Wonder Woman’ which will kick off the summer movie season and after that will come ‘Justice League’ directed by Zack Snyder, the same auteur behind ‘BvS’ and ‘Aquaman’ thankfully not.  After that?

Not a clue!

WB was hoping to slip in ‘The Flash’ starring Ezra Miller or ‘The Batman’ with Ben Affleck.  Both are now derailed.  ‘The Batman’ has essentially been scrapped entirely.  Affleck had contributed to a script with DC’s Geoff Johns and Chris Terrio (‘Argo’), which from the latest reports has been tossed out.  Meanwhile, ‘The Flash’ lost its director Rick Famuyiwa last fall over “creative differences” and WB has yet to replace him.  (And Famuyiwa was the second director attached to this film, following Seth Grahame-Smith, who also penned the most recent script.)  In the meantime, Ezra Miller is already attached to another big franchise, ‘Fantastic Beasts’ and is due back to shoot the sequel this summer.  That means that WB has lost its window to shoot ‘The Flash’ in order to get it out next year.

Harley QuinnBut WB is reportedly determined to shoot another DC movie for a 2018 slot.  The best bet is ‘Gotham City Sirens’ starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, the highlight of ‘Suicide Squad’, directed by ‘Suicide Squad”s David Ayer.  But another option is ‘Suicide Squad 2′ which would more than likely also star Robbie and Will Smith as Deadshot, who WB seemed to be eyeing as a major draw to its upcoming DC movies.

Also in the mix are ‘Green Lantern Corps’ which was originally slated for a 2020 release and ‘Justice League Dark’ based on the script by Guillermo Del Toro, who had hoped to direct.  ‘Justice League Dark’ would have centered on supernatural characters like John Constantine and Swamp Thing.  Doug Liman is currently attached to direct that film, so it could materialize soon.

WB has high hopes for ‘Green Lantern Corps’ with names such as Tom Cruise, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Bradley Cooper supposedly on their wish list.  (Cooper was reportedly in the running for the 2011 film, which went to Ryan Reynolds.)  Adam Cozad (‘The Legend of Tarzan’) recently signed on to pen the script and Mel Gibson’s name has surfaced as a potential director.

So, next year, we for sure get an ‘Aquaman’ movie, which in a way is a small miracle.  But will that be the only DC movie from Warner Brothers for 2018?

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  • PowerHouse_PR

    MAN OF STEEL was a great film. This guy sound like one of those DC whiners from the internet who just spread what other haters say.

    • WB is a mess. They have no idea how to compete against the MCU. It’s all short-termist planning.

      • PowerHouse_PR

        Since when is this a competition!!!????

        That the problem with you people, if you are not hating then you are creating debacles out of nowhere.
        You do it with gaming consoles, movies, comics, studios and Sports. This is the type of fanbase that are a bunch of parasites that NEVER enjoy anything in life.

        WB had everything set until you bumch of wankers gave Critics the power to decide for yourself on HOW you enjoy your film.
        Critics have NOT been accurate on most of the comic books films. They either hate them too much or hype them too much. Sometime they even criticize things that are part of the SOURCE MATERIAL.
        They recently gave a bad rep to Iron fist series because the guy is White!!!!

        They call it white washing for a character that has ALWAYS been white.

        I am done with Critics who put their opinion on matters they dont know shit about and i am done with Parasite on the fandome who hate on everything they can possibly can and use Critics as a stepping stone to do so when it’s convenient for them.

        • What do you mean, “You people”?

        • JasonMBowles

          I’m not sure how you think this is in any way NOT a competition. These studios are publicly traded companies that individual people invest MILLIONS of dollars in, in order to make more millions off of. WB investors have sunk millions into them expecting Disney returns which they aren’t getting.

          And all they can think is “They have super heroes and make millions! We have super heroes! Why aren’t we making the same amount?”

          And it’s not just super heroes. Look at how much Beauty and the Beast has already made. Look at last year when Finding Dory and Cap America: Civil War were the two top grossing movies and Jungle Book and Zootopia also raked in millions. Plus, Star Wars!

          And all the WB investors see is “Why didn’t WE make that much?” (Uh because Disney has perfected the science of crowd-pleasing. And I’m not talking ComiCon crowds, I’m talking people in China and Dubai that have never read an American comic book.)