We’re about to be seven issues into Marvel’s ‘Mosaic, ‘ and for the first time, this newly minted Inhuman is going to be going up against a super villain. We’ve seen him fight to regain his body, be forced to take sides in the “Inhumans vs. X-Men” event, and now he has to make the choice to be a hero. Writer Geoffrey Thorne is sharing details on what to expect when Mosaic has to do the right thing. We haven’t seen the hero have a moment of downtime so far as he has adjusted to his new life as an Inhuman. From his past life, he wasn’t grounded in the most moral of upbringings so doing the right thing isn’t exactly the natural reaction for him.

When Morris Sackett was growing up, his father gave him the world but in exchange for the money and fame sold his body to science out from under him. His father always knew that he had the Inhuman gene and that it was only a manner of time before the world was over for him.

Thorne comments about his state of mind going into this issue:

“I think Morris is pretty shaken up. He has seen his real body by now and been back in it. It [is], not a TV friendly body. Although he wants to return to it, he knows his career in sports is over; his whole life is, really, because he’s been declared dead. As far as the public is concerned, Morris Sackett is history.”

As to who Sackett is and what he believes in:

“Morris is trying to work out his place in the world. He’s not the biggest fan of superheroes and villains battling each other, sometimes to the death. The assumption that he is on track to become either a hero or a villain is misguided. Morris still hasn’t figured out who Morris is.”

For talking about whether he is actually a hero or villain:

“Morris is not a superhero. He is not a villain. From time to time he will do things that fall out on the heroic side, and from time to time he will be a selfish jerk. He is not evil, just self-centered.

I’d say he’s a basically good guy but he’s been raised in a toxic social environment and taught a lot of the wrong lessons about life. Which he now recognizes. What will he do about that recognition? Well, that’s the book.”

This backstory actually makes him the most likely of candidates to become a truly great hero. Though his powers will limit where he can be truly effective. However, it appears that his powers are what put him onto the villain’s trail in the first place:

“The villain is not targeting Mosaic specifically. The nature of Mosaic’s powers makes him aware of the villain’s activities when no one else is.”

In fact, the clues deepen here as to the villain’s nature:

“The villain is someone we’ve seen before but don’t see often, with a power set that should give our Morris a bit of trouble.”

I really have no idea who this could be off the top of my head. The Shadow King comes to mind though ti seems like an unlikely suspect to still be around or in the area.

Are you looking forward to seeing ‘Mosaic’ fight an actual super villain? From the minor clues above who do you think it will be? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

‘Mosaic’ #7 is due in comic shops on April 12th, 2017.

Source: Marvel

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