captain-marvel-3There has been a lot of damage to Marvel’s heroes after the events of “Civil War II” and writer Margaret Stohl shares a bit on how ‘Captain Marvel’ is handling things. We’ve seen; Rhodey die in a battle with Thanos, Hawkeye both fall from grace and become an even greater hero after killing Bruce Banner, She-Hulk is recovering from her devastating beating and the loss of her cousin, Tony Stark is in a coma while his body and suit repairs itself, The Defenders have been born from a distrust of The Avengers, and more! At the center of all this chaos though was Carol Danvers.

With Ulysses gone and all of her work apparently for naught, we see Carol still in charge of Alpha Flight and also quite a popular household name. While not everyone is happy with her performance of using “the future-telling abilities of the Inhuman” which saved the world on multiple occasions, more hailed her as a true hero than not.

But how is she doing now?

“She’s got a serious side, an edge. She’s a little more openly broken. She misses Tony’s and Kamala’s friendship, and Rhodey’s companionship. She feels terribly for Bruce. In general, Carol is processing a whole lot of fallout. She followed her conscience and stood up for what she thought was right, and now she knows she has to take the heat for it. And she will, because Carol’s Air Force, and she knows the thing about heat is, you take it.”

Without Ulysses and his prediction to keep her initial plan moving forward we see her back to dealing with cosmic threats that might endanger the Earth, and her Kree genetics are going to play an important part of things going forward:

“In this first arc, she’s been squaring off against a mysterious, shape-shifting alien bounty hunter. As we progress, her enemies will multiply and develop into more than she’s expecting. Before she gets through the next two arcs, she’ll be taking a hard look at her fundamental identity as a part Kree, part human hybrid.”

It sounds like we’ll be getting quite a bit more cosmic-centric going forward. It isn’t clear if we’ll see Carol heading out into the stars as she’s done in the past or if the story will just ramp things up on aliens coming to Earth for refuge or to invade but either way, it should be interesting to see play out on each page.

Are you happy to hear that ‘Captain Marvel’ will be returning to exploring the Kree portions of her nature? How do you think she’ll deal with any of her fellow heroes who are angry with her going forward? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

‘Captain Marvel’ #3 will fly into comic shops on March 22nd, 2017!

Source: Marvel

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