Uncanny X-Force

Apparently Hollywood needs to learn that Ryan Reynolds is a force to be reckoned with, which is not something you would expect after the middling movies he has made over the years. However, the man seems to have reclaimed his mojo when it comes to the ‘Deadpool‘ series. After he stated back in 2005 that he was going to make it happen, ‘Deadpool’ is finally coming to theaters this week, and based on early reviews and the fan fervor behind the upcoming R-rated superhero movie, it might just end up being a bigger hit than anyone anticipated. Should ‘Deadpool’ prove as successful as everyone hopes, it will be only the beginning of the character’s appearances in 20th Century Fox’s ‘X-Men’ universe as it would spawn more sequels, cameos in other ‘X-Men’ films, and so much more. What exactly the future might hold is anyone’s guess, but Reynold’s still has big hopes for the character, especially for one project in particular that he would like to see Deadpool involved in:

deadpool-movie-image-reynolds-600x400“There’s so much material to mine in just the X-Men universe … In the future, if we’re doing a bunch more Deadpool movies, we’re really going to explore the X-Men a lot. We’ll see. And maybe — is my priority. I really want to get that in.”

X-Force‘ has been in development hell for the past couple of years. With many losing faith that it would actually be coming out, if Reynolds is behind the project now and wants to feature his new popular character in the movie, I could definitely see ‘X-Force’ being fast-tracked, and maybe even become an R-Rated superhero team franchise. Only the execs over at 20th Century Fox could tell you for sure at this point, but it seems the future in the ‘X-Men’ universe just got a little bit darker, a little grittier, and a whole lot funnier thanks to the antics of Ryan Reynolds in ‘Deadpool.’

Source: Collider