humans season 2 AMC

With the premiere of ‘Humans’ Season 2 on AMC this month on February 13th, the network has released a behind the scenes featurette to get fans excited for what is to come in the second installment of the series. For anyone not in the know about the hit international series, ‘Humans’ is a show about an alternate world where humanity has created machines known as synths, who live amongst humans trying to find their place in the world.

The video features many of the cast members discussing coming back to continue the story and go even more into the world of synths and humans, and how their characters and the story are evolving this season. They also share their excitement about the show’s popularity going into the new season and going international, which has been quite an experience for many of them. Check it out for yourself down below and make sure to share your thoughts on ‘Humans’ Season 2 in the comments section below!

‘Humans’ is written by partners Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley (‘Spooks,’ ‘Spooks: The Greater Good’), Joe Barton, Charlie Covell, and Iain Weatherby, and is produced by Kudos in association with Matador Films, with the Executive Producers being Derek Wax and Chris Fry, Vincent and Brackley, and Henrik Widman and Lars Lundstrom. The show stars Emily Berrington, Gemma Chan, Ivanno Jeremiah, Tom Goodman-Hill, Katherine Parkinson, Lucy Carless, Theo Stevenson, Pixie Davies, Neil Maskell, Ruth Bradley, and newcomers for season 2 Carrie-Ann Moss, Sam Palladio, Marshall Allman, Sonya Cassidy, Bella Dayne, and Letitia Wright. The show is directed by Lewis Arnold, Carl Tibbetts, Francesca Gregorini and Mark Brozel.



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