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While Zachary Quinto may not be returning to ‘American Horror Story’ he is keeping himself in the horror genre by having just signed on for the third season of ‘Hannibal‘! That being said it doesn’t sound as if we’ll see him as a recurring character as he is only signed on for one episode. I have a feeling that he’ll have an interesting death as he has been cast as a patient of Gillian Anderson’s Bedelia.

Does this mean we’ll see him as one of Hannibal’s kills or will Bedelia be following in his footsteps and be taking her patient’s life? It has been pretty unclear so far what her exact relationship with Lecter is and this may help to clarify that for us. I suspect that he may not end up on Lecter’s bad side to have such an ill fated short run on the series but on Bedelia’s who might just be giving into her darker temptations.

I have this feeling that as they left together she is going to be quite willing to go along with Lecter’s mindset, if not his cooking. Of course you never know as it may just be that the cannibals who slay together saute together.

Quinto is joining newcomers Tao Okamoto as Lady Murasaki, Joe Anderson who is taking over as Mason Verger from Michael Pitt, Richard Armitage who has signed on to play The Tooth Fairy, and Nina Arianda who will be portraying Will’s love interest this season. As we’ll be fast forwarding a bit of time it’ll be interesting to see Will not only in a relationship but to find out how it developed.

While Quinto has already passed on the return of ‘Heroes Reborn‘ he is having a bit of a reunion with creator Bryan Fuller who he had worked on with the original show.

Are you looking forward to Quinto working more in horror? Do you think he would have made a good long term member on the show or are you glad he’ll only be around for a single episode?

‘Hannibal’ will be returning to NBC On June 4th, 2015.

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