In what has to be one of the more exciting aspects of ‘Arrow‘ Season 4 so far (which IMO is doing better than Season 3 already), the producers of ‘Arrow’ have a storyline where Constantine (played by Matt Ryan and carrying over the same look from his short-lived NBC series of the same name) comes to Star City to help restore Sara Lance to some modicum of normalcy after having been brought back from the dead. TV Guide recently ran story with an interview with Matt Ryan about his appearance on ‘Arrow,’ (including our first shot of the heroes together [see above]), with Ryan talking about all the work that went into making the cross-over happen:

“They moved heaven and earth to get me here. I was starting rehearsals for a play with Keira Knightley in New York on the first of September. And originally, where the episode sat in the season, I wouldn’t have been able to do it because of my schedule. But everybody just pulled together and moved some things around and really made it work.

There is not much that I can say about the plot. Three is a little history between [John and Oliver] … I would not say that they are friends. I would say they are acquaintances who have a past. John owes him.

John knows that there are worlds beyond our world, and he is used to dealing with these things on a day-to-day basis. So bringing him into a scenario with a group of people who have never witnessed anything like this is just fascinating. And John is an arrogant bugger too, so they are a little bit thrown off by him. you know, he’s the guy who will give the finger to the devil. So you have this arrogant, trench-coat wearing guy … and Oliver queen. it’s great!”

It is definitely  an exciting prospect to see Constantine on ‘Arrow,’ and I enjoy how they have worked it into the existing Sara storyline, so it does not just feel like something they did for the hell of it (no pun intended). Check out the official episode description below, and then let us know your thoughts on Matt Ryan guest starring on ‘Arrow’ in the comments below!

Official episode description:

MATT RYAN REPRISES HIS ROLE AS JOHN CONSTANTINE ON ARROW – When things take a turn for the worse with Sara (guest star Caity Lotz), Oliver (Stephen Amell) calls in a favor from an old friend who deals in the mystical, John Constantine (guest star Matt Ryan). John Badham directed the episode written by Brian Ford Sullivan & Oscar Balderrama (#404).

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