We’ve been getting reveals of the redesigned elements from the upcoming live action film ‘Saban’s Power Rangers’ from a variety of odd sources.  Instead of high quality images from the film, from Lionsgate, we’ve seen the new versions of Megazord, Alpha-5, Goldar and the Putty Patrol thanks to the Bandai toys based on the film.  Now comes what may be our first really small, really low quality look at what Zordon may look like from another unusual source.  (The image above is a mock up,)

This glimpse comes from a video captured on someone’s cell phone taken at the ‘Power Rangers’ virtual simulator in Las Vegas which will debut at the International Consumer Electronics Show which takes place from January 5-8.  Designed in partnership with Qualcomm, this experience will allow users to pilot the Rangers’ Zords from the movie and it appears part of the simulation involves consulting with Zordon and Alpha-5 (who can be made out in the lower lefthand corner… barely).

Here is the image:


Yeah, it’s not great.

Of course, Zordon will be played in the film by ‘Breaking Bad’ great Bryan Cranston, who actually provided some voices to ‘Power Ranger’ villains on the original show and the Blue Ranger, Billy was given the last name Cranston in his honor.  Dave Fielding portrayed Zordon on the show and it looks as if Cranston’s version will be quite faithful, basically just a floating energy head.  (On the show, Zordon was said to be trapped in a time warp.  That may or may not be true in the film.)

Fans should feel some relief that Zordon looks essentially the same as he did on the show.  The revamped versions of Megazord, Goldar and Alpha-5 have met with some derision.  Megazord  looks like an organic creature.  Goldar looks like melted gold and Alpha-5 is much more alien looking with long arms and weird bug-eyes.

What do you think of this tiny glimpse of Zordon?

‘Saban’s Power Rangers’ from director Dean Israelite stars Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Banks, Naomi Scott, Becky Gomez, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, Dacre Montgomery and the voice of Bill Hader. ‘Power Rangers’ will morph into theaters on March 24, 2017.

Source: Power Rangers NOW!