Fans give filmmaker J.J. Abrams a lot of flack for a certain technique that he utilizes in his movies very often. Obviously, we’re not talking about his R2-D2 cameos, but rather the frequent lens flares that are constantly present in whatever he’s got going on. As it turns out, he knows that he has a problem with doing that and he’s even started to take some steps towards kicking this addiction. (The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.)

While speaking to CraveOnline at the ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Blu-ray release party, Abrams talked about his road to recovery from the lens flare and the extreme measures needed to cut back on this habit, which might have been more present in his most recent ‘Star Trek’ feature if it weren’t for his wife and the legendary Industrial Light & Magic. Check out what the director had to say in the video below:

Since the lens flare began popping up in Abrams’ films such as ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Super 8’, fans have mercilessly blasted him about the overuse of it. However, it’s good to hear that he has taken notice of the cries and criticisms and is working towards cutting back. For everyone worried about ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’, it looks like you can rest easy if you thought that it would be overpopulated with the infamous lens flare. Or at the very least, only one or two could make it to the final cut instead of the plethora that appeared in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’.

Are you happy to hear that J.J. Abrams is cutting back on the lens flares? How much do you think that he’ll let up in the technique in his future projects? Let us know if you think that he can ease up on his addiction in the comment section.