American Horror Story‘ has been busy showing off quite a few new teasers for the upcoming season and the latest has another brand new creature to try and scare us with. Now, those who have been following word on the series know that we won’t know the actual plot of the upcoming season until it premieres as only one of the many teasers which are continuing to be released are actually from the upcoming season. Ryan Murphy has always kept his show secretive for as long as possible to raise the level of suspense and surprise and the level of misdirection that is happening this time around is at an entirely new high.

Outright misdirection is fun, I just wonder if they should have let that slip so soon that we won’t actually know what to expect. Of course, with the twists that Murphy tends to give us most viewers never truly know what to expect from his work even with solid previews.

The latest tease is only 15 seconds long so let’s take a quick view:

So if this is the actual teaser instead of the rest we know that it is titled “Mist” and has a very spider-like moving monster on a train track. As Lovecraftian monsters have already been used in a novel, movie, and soon series on Spike TV by Stephen King titled ‘The Mist’ it wouldn’t surprise me if this ended up more as an homage to those than the premise of the actual 6th season.

Do you think that the next season of ‘American Horror Story’ is going to be having actual monsters or more of those of the human variety? Share your thoughts below!

‘American Horror Story’ returns to FX on September 14th at 10/9c

Source: Screen Rant

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