Supergirl Superman

Big changes are coming to ‘Supergirl’ in Season 2.  For one thing, the show is winging its way over to a new network, The CW from CBS, where the freshman season floundered.  Now, flanked by established DC super hero hits like ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, the show will hopefully live up to its full potential.

The other huge change is that Supergirl’s cousin Superman will now be seen in full, portrayed by ‘Teen Wolf’ alum Tyler Hoechlin.  Superman has previously appeared on the show, but only as a silhouette or random body part.  This will be the first time the character will appear in full and actually speak.  It hasn’t been revealed just how large a role he has, but he will appear in the first two episodes of Season 2.

In anticipation, The CW has released the first full image of Tyler Hoechlin in costume, alongside Melissa Benoist who stars as ‘Supergirl’/Kara Danvers.

You can check it out below:


Hoechlin isn’t as bulky as some Superman actors, but then again, if you look back at the comics, sometimes the character isn’t always rendered as being particularly big.  His super strength is derived from being from Krypton, not working out, after all.  Hoechlin’s lean frame more closely resembles that of Christopher Reeve or Brandon Routh than Henry Cavill.

The suit pretty much looks exactly as you would expect.  It retains the classic elements and coloring and ditches the red trunks, keeping it in line with the current comic book depictions.

At SDCC, Hoechlin acknowledged the challenge of slipping into the famous red cape, saying “I know the character represents so much to so many people.”

How will these super cousins interact?  Well, it may not be a joyous family reunion, as Benoist says:

“Clark has a very different experience of what it means to have super powers on earth.  There’s some head-butting and philosophical approaches that are different. Well get into that.”

Executive producer Sarah Schechter added:

“In season 1, the show is about Kara and the show is about Supergirl. It would confuse matters to have Superman there.  This show is about family, the family you make as an adult and the family you came from. It makes sense for Kara to reconnect with him now.”

‘Supergirl’ swoops onto The CW on October 10, at 10pm EST.

Source: Entertainment Weekly