watchmen nicole kassell

Nicole Kassell is returning to working with HBO after her fantastic stint on ‘The Leftovers’ as she has been tapped to sit in the director’s chair for the pilot of Damon Lindelof‘s ‘Watchmen.’ As Lindelof previously was responsible for ‘The Leftovers,’ it should come as no surprise that he has picked someone that both he and the network have previously worked with. Kassell also has done work on ‘Westworld’ and ‘Vinyl.’ HBO placed the pilot order in September of 2017 and pre-production has been steadily chugging along since that time.

Kassell will also be joining Lindelof as one of the executive producers for the series. One would suspect that if the series does move forward that the network will use a variety of directors as they’ve done on most of their recent shows. At least as an executive producer this will help her have some ongoing say in the creative process past the first episode.

While we don’t know which actors are set to play the roles in this new take on Alan Moore‘s iconic work, they’ll likely make us happy while disappointing the creator who has shown nothing but disdain for adaptations of his work to date.

The storytelling in the show will be more similar to the graphic novels as Lindelof read the book in the late 80s when it was released and says that “from the flashbacks to the nonlinear storytelling to the deeply flawed heroes, these are all elements that I try to put into everything I write.”

Are you looking forward to an extended take on ‘Watchmen’ that will really have a chance to flesh out the characters where Zack Snyder’s film wasn’t able to? Do you think we could get a series that even Moore would enjoy if he ever watched it? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter