DCC-Animated-Batman-TAS-BatwingAs the seasons pass and the year comes towards the end, we have little to look forward to in the collectibles world outside of the upcoming holiday season! Once the holidays start to hit, some of the best toys and collectibles begin to roll out so that everyone can find the perfect gifts for their loved ones, or if you’re a collector, so you can find everything you wished had been released all year! We were lucky enough to have some time recently at New York Comic Con 2016 to talk to DC Collectibles Vice President Kevin Kiniry, who gave us a quick rundown on some of the coolest new collectibles that are coming our way from DC Collectibles in the next few months! You can check out our full video interview here, and scroll down for the some quick highlights!

  • DC Collectibles has announced their new Nightwing figure in their ‘Batman: Black & White’ line! This is the first time that Nightwing has ever been made in this line, and the design is based on Nightwing’s look from from Jim Lee’s ‘Hush’.
  • ‘Wonder Woman’ movie statues are coming! We can look forward to three larger scale statues including Wonder Woman with Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman on a Horse, and Wonder Woman in her training outfit from Themyscira.
  • Suicide Squad movie styled 12″ scale statues are in stores now! Expect a few more to hit in time for the film’s DVD and BluRay release.


  • Premium Action Figures for ‘Batman v Superman’ coming very soon! Look for Superman and Armored Batman! Both feature fabric capes with wire frames and special display bases so you can get them into dynamic action poses or even make them look as though they are flying!
  • There is a new figure two-pack of Green Arrow and The Flash coming our way based on the characters most recent looks from their respective live action series on The CW! Green Arrow is sporting his Season 4 sleeveless look, which The Flash includes both a masked and an unmasked head!
  • Supergirl figures are coming! Expect Supergirl and Martian Manhunter soon!
  • The Arkham Knight toyline continues! We are finally getting an Oracle figure! Oracle will come packed with Batgirl in a new two-pack. This is the first Oracle in over a decade, with the previous figure (and the only other one ever released) was only available in a ‘Birds Of Prey’ figure three-pack in 2002). Oracle is going to come loaded with accessories
  • The Harley Quinn ‘Red, White & Black’ line continues with various new versions of Harley like ‘Arkham Asylum’, ‘DC Bombshells’ and more!
  • The Artist Designer Series continues with a second wave of the Darwin Cooke line. While this amazingly talented artist sadly passed away earlier this year,  his iconic work lives on through this line as a tribute to his legacy.
  • This year we’re getting Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Stamps to celebrate the occasion! We can also look for a new Wonder Woman Icon statue, and  much more!


  • After teasing it months ago, the Rainbow Batman set finally coming!
  • The DC Bombshells line is expanding to include an action figure line and busts! New statues coming soon include Killer Frost and Aquaman.
  • The DC Icons line brings us The Batgirl of Burnside! Batgirl includes a motorcycle that is removable from it’s display stand with real spinning wheels, as well as an alternative head and cape for wind effects! She will come packaged with lots of accessories!
  • The Artist Designer Series Greg Capullo line will continue with the new deluxe Jim Gordon Batman! This is a special figure two-pack of Jim Gordon in his tactical Batsuit, while also including the massive mech-suit he wore for the majority of his tenure as Batman!


  • For ‘Batman: The Animated Series’, the Deluxe Batmobile set as well as the seperate release of the Batsignal with Batman & Robin Deluxe Edition is coming very soon! For the holidays, look for a special ‘Christmas With The Joker’ figure! And finally, The Batwing releases in the next few weeks! The Batwing features built in lights and lots of effects! It has a removable top cover to reveal that it is actually a two-seater vehicle! Other features include retractable landing gear, a grabber claw hook, and a super detailed cockpit! It is made to be very lightweight!

Overall, it looks like Kevin Kiniry and the team at DC Collectibles have been keeping busy coming up with quite a lot of great new stuff for us this holiday season! I know that at least a few of these items will end up on our Ultimate Geek Gift Guide this year for sure! Be sure to pay attention to our weekly column Toy News Tuesday for all of the latest news coming from DC Collectibles!

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