Spoiler alert: I can’t discuss this issue without giving away a pretty big spoiler, so be warned.

Basically, this issue revolves around a sudden development in Batwoman– Kate Kane’s romantic life.  As we’ve seen in recent issues, it’s proven difficult for Kate to juggle her career as Batwoman, working with the DEO and her still new relationship with Maggie Sawyer.  But what would happen if she had a romantic partner with whom she had more of a working relationship with?  Well, as we saw last issue, Batwoman and the DEO have taken in Sune, a former lieutenant of the crime organization Medusa and are using the information she can provide to take down Falchion, the group’s leader.  They hatch a plan and infiltrate the group’s base, but lose track of Falchion.  Sune is wounded, but Batwoman does her best to get her to safety.  In a side story, Kate’s cousin Bette takes a turn for the worse.

This is an excellent book, but good lord is it slow moving.  This fight scene with Falchion has been going on for like three issues!  The time jumps are interesting, but so many books are employing them lately.  I’m just ready for some resolution, although Bette’s death isn’t what I was looking for!

Trevor McCarthy steps in as the new regular artist this issue and does a fantastic job!  I like his work better than Amy Reeder’s but not as much as J.H. Williams’.  But he does a great job and mixes up his style the way Williams did to match the different scenes.

Overall, the plot is dragging, but at least it’s a good plot and the art delivers.

Verdict: Borrow

Written by J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman
Art by Trevor McCarthy
Cover by Ben Oliver