Carly Pope returns to The CW for ‘Arrow’ Season Five.  Pope previously starred on the series ‘The Tomorrow People’ which was also co-created by ‘Arrow’ producer Greg Berlanti and co-starred Robbie Amell, the cousin of ‘Arrow’ star Stephen, who went on to star as Ronnie Raymond on ‘The Flash’.

Susan_JordanPope will portray Susan Williams, an ambitious journalist from nearby Coast City who seeks to make a name for herself by going after Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell’s lead character).

Pope is a familiar face on TV, although she may best be remembered for playing Sam McPherson on ‘Popular’.  She has also appeared on ‘The 4400′, ’24’ and ‘Californication’.  She most recently appeared in the Lifetime original movie ‘Lost Boy’.  She is also currently filming a stint on USA’s ‘Suits’.

In the comics, Susan Williams eventually becomes Susan Jordan, the wife of Jim Jordan, the younger brother of Hal Jordan, a.k.a. the most famous Green Lantern.

Fans have been chomping at the bit for a Green Lantern as part of The CW’s Flarrowverse.  (Shouldn’t we start calling that… the Super Flarrowverse… of Tomorrow?  Or something?)  Coast City, GL’s major stomping grounds, has been mentioned numerous times and fans even speculated that John Diggle might secretly be John Stewart, the (possible) second most popular Green Lantern.

In the comics, Hal Jordan was best friends with both The Flash and Green Arrow, so it would make perfect sense to add him to the mix on the TV shows, on which Green Arrow and the Flash have a friendly, but sometimes contentious relationship.

Then again, the shows do mix things up.  Jean Loring, the comic book wife of Ray Palmer/The Atom, appeared on ‘Arrow’ Season One, but later, when Ray (Brandon Routh) was brought onto the show, their relationship was discarded and Jean has never appeared or been mentioned since.

Susan Williams’ presence may or may not ever lead to Hal Jordan’s introduction.

She is slated to join ‘Arrow’ with the third episode of the upcoming fifth season.

‘Arrow’ returns on Wednesday, October 7, on The CW at 8pm Eastern.

Would you like to see Green Lantern on ‘Arrow’?

Source: TV Insider