The Flash
Warner Brothers

The movie based on DC’s “Fastest Man Alive” has been slowly creeping its way to becoming a reality and was almost derailed completely, but it seems as if Warner Brothers and star Ezra Miller are still committed to bringing ‘The Flash’ to the big screen.  WB is so confident that it has officially scheduled the movie to open on July 1, 2022.

Production on ‘The Flash’ hinges on that of another Warner Brothers mega-franchise, ‘Fantastic Beasts’.  The third film in that series was delayed after ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’ underperformed.  Miller stars in that series as Creedance Barebone.  Reportedly, production on ‘The Flash’ will begin once that of ‘Fantastic Beasts 3’ wraps up.  That film is expected to begin production next year.

Speaking of underperforming, ‘The Flash’ was planned from the beginning to be part of Warner Brothers’ expansive universe of DC movies.  It was originally expected that ‘The Flash’ would be in theaters in 2018, which obviously didn’t happen.  After ‘Batman V Superman’, ‘Suicide Squad’, and ‘Justice League’ flopped, each doing worse than the last, the studio was sent scrambling to correct its course.  Miller’s holding contract was due to expire this past June, but it seems that he signed a new agreement to stay attached.

Kiersey Clemons was cast to play love interest Iris West, but presumably, her contract expired long ago.

It was also planned at one point, for Ray Fisher’s Cyborg to also appear in ‘The Flash’ in hopes of building his character up in anticipation of a solo film, but Fisher’s contract was set to expire at the same time as Miller’s and it does not look as though WB renewed his agreement.

After numerous directors have come and gone, ‘It’s Andy Muschietti is now set to helm ‘The Flash’, with a screenplay by Christina Hodson.

Are you looking forward to a ‘Flash’ theatrical film?


Source: The Hollywood Reporter