Maisie Richardson-Sellers is returning to The CW.  The former cast member of ‘The Originals’ is back, playing an alternate version of Vixen, the character portrayed by Megalyn Echikunwoke on ‘Arrow’ this past season.

Echikunwoke also voiced the character on the animated web series ‘Vixen’, which guest starred the casts of both ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’.  But since her CW jobs weren’t steady, she landed a role in the upcoming film  ‘Step Sisters’, which conflicted with The CW’s plans to shoot ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 2.

Megalyn Echikunwoke as Mari Jiwe McCabe/Vixen

The CW decided to move forward with using Vixen on the team-up show, but opted to take an alternate path.  The time travel series will bring in a past version of Vixen, plucked from some other moment in time.  This way, they get their Vixen, but the door is still open for Echikunwoke to return as Mari Jiwe McCabe in upcoming shows.

Richardson-Sellers will play Amaya Jiwe, the grandmother of Mari.  In addition to playing Rebekah  Mikaelson/Eva Sinclair on ‘The Originals’, Richardson-Sellers appeared on ‘Of Prophets and Kings’ as Michal, and appeared as Korr Sella in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’.

For the uninitiated, Vixen derives her powers from the Tantu Totem, which allows her to replicate the abilities of animals, from the strength of an elephant to the flight of a bird.  In the comics, she has been a long-standing member of various version of the Justice League, as well as the Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey.  She has appeared in animation on ‘Justice League Unlimited’ and ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season One was a bit rocky.  (I mean, I liked it, but…)  Perhaps the creators will take heed of complaints with the freshman season and course-correct for the sophomore installment.

Did you catch Maisie Richards-Sellers on ‘The Originals’?  Do you think she’ll make a good fit for the Flarrowverse?

Source: Deadline