On better days, social media can be a wonderful thing. Aside from being a tool to share your favorite adorable animal video with your friends, it can connect you to the world at large. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like can even get you closer to your favorite celebrities, many of whom are happy to interact with their fans. Among those in the public eye who do their best to be as accessible to their loyal fanbase as possible is ‘Arrow’ star Stephen Amell. And in the actor’s most recent Q&A session, he revealed some interesting new tidbits about the Emerald Archer’s continuing adventures on The CW.

During his latest Facebook Live session, which happened to take place while he was training for “the most vicious, violent wonder shot in the history of network television”, Amell dropped some new details about the upcoming fifth season of the hit superhero drama. First, he shared that Oliver Queen will be upgrading his superhero wardrobe once again. Though we won’t be getting a complete overhaul like we did in season four, he shared that we’ll be seeing a “slightly modified version” when the show returns in the fall. 

On the subject of special guest stars, Amell had no comment regarding a character from ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ appearing in the first episode of season five. His lack of comment may be all the comment that we needed, but he also noted that “someone that we haven’t seen in two seasons” will be making a comeback. With no other hints, the possibilities are pretty endless here.  

Finally, Amell shared that Laurel Lance AKA The Black Canary would be making a comeback to ‘Arrow’. Although, not literally. Before anyone could get upset about another resurrection of some kind, he said, “The idea of Black Canary and what it means and what it embodies in Star City is something that we are going to examine this year.”

What do you think about these revelations about the next season of ‘Arrow’? Are you excited to see what’s in store for the Green Arrow and the rest of the team? And who do you think will be making a comeback after a two-season absence? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.

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