Spider-Man may do whatever a spider can, but when it comes to Marvel Legends there are few heroes that can ever truly compare! The team at Hasbro is once again bringing us a new wave of their 6″ Marvel Legends figures built around everyone’s favorite web-slinger and this new wave looks to be one of the best yet!

This all new wave of Spider-Man themed 6″ Marvel Legends figures from Hasbro kicks off with fan favorite alternate reality web-slinger Spider-Punk! Spider-Punk comes packed with his electric guitar, denim vest, and a bad attitude! This definitely isn’t your average friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

Now here’s where things start to get a bit more ridiculous! We’ve got one villain people have been practically begging for since Hasbro relaunched the line, another villain who people haven’t seen a toy of in two decades, a character that doesn’t quite fit the Spider-Man brand, and one hell of a Build-A-Figure!

First up lets talk about how cool this new Mysterio figure looks! This is the first 6″ scale Mysterio figure Hasbro has produced, and is only the second 6″ scale Mystery ever produced! It’s also the first one that actually looks how the character should (considering the last one from ToyBiz had an action feature that gave the character an extra large dome and a large button sticking out of his back).

Then we’ve got our first 6″ scale figure of Lasher, one of the numerous Symbiotes from back in the mid-90’s when they were all the rage! He made a come back in the comics a few years back and now he’s making his triumphant return to your toy collection!

The next one is a bit tricky, as it’s only kind-of-sort-of loosely connected to Spider-Man. Our next figure is of the alternate reality mercenary Gwen-Pool! In another reality, Spider-Man’s one time love interest Gwen Stacy became her world’s equivalent of Deadpool, and now here she is in the Marvel 616 Universe to kick ass and take names!

And finally, we have what might be one of the coolest Build-A-Figures that Hasbro has done yet with one of Spider-Man’s oldest foes, The Lizard! This is the first time that Hasbro has tackled this classic version of The Lizard, and it looks like they truly nailed it! This new figure of Doctor Curt Connors is massive and sports the characters classic purple-pants-and-a-labcoat look!

Unfortunately, we don’t know who else will be included in this wave at this time. Considering we usually get six to eight figures in a wave, and we have only actually seen four and a build-a-figure so far, there’s still hope for quite a few more fan favorites to sneak in to complete the wave! We’ll keep you posted with all the latest Marvel Legends news as it hits!

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