SPOILER ALERT: This article reveals SPOILERS from ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice –  Ultimate Edition.  Proceed with caution!

batman-v-superman-blu-ray-ultimate-edition‘Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition’ doesn’t arrive until the end of the month/start of next month, but it has already been seen by some and now we know what the additional 30 minutes adds and it actually does sound like it helps smooth out the sometimes nonsensical theatrical version.

With no further ado, here’s what you can expect:

1. The Framing of Superman Makes More Sense – In the theatrical version, it made no sense how Superman was framed for killing a village of terrorists, when they were clearly gunned down by Luthor’s men.  Why would Superman use a gun to kill people?

In the Ultimate Edition, it is revealed that Anatoli Knyazev/KGBeast burns the bodies making it look like Superman killed them with his heat vision, which makes much more sense.

In addition, the villager that testified before the Senate against the Man of Steel, is revealed to have been paid off by Luthor.  She is later killed when she has a change of heart and goes to Senator Finch.

It becomes clear that Luthor is pulling the strings, whereas in the original cut things just seem to sort of happen with no explanation.

2. Who Did Jena Malone Play? – The answer sadly is NOT Barbara Gordon, Carrie Kelly or even Cat Grant.  Her character doesn’t even appear to have a name!  She’s just some scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs who helps analyze Luthor’s magic bullet.  That’s it.

3. Jimmy Olsen‘s Part Is Clarified – It was a surprise to most after having seen the movie, that Jimmy Olsen was in it.  It was earlier revealed that he was the photographer that turned out to be a CIA agent who was unceremoniously killed off.  The Ultimate Edition fleshes his character out a bit more and verifies his identity.  He actually shares a lighter exchange with Lois… y’know, before he gets shot in the head.

4. The Suicide Bombing Makes More Sense – In the theatrical cut, it’s a little hazy as to whether bitter, injured ex-Wayne Tech employee Wallace Keefe knew he was being used by Luthor to blow up the courthouse where Superman was supposed to testify.  The Ultimate Edition clarifies that NO, he does not know he’s about to be blown up along with everyone else but Superman in the building.  Lex constructed his wheelchair out of the same metal as the “magic” bullet and lined the bomb’s casing with lead so Superman couldn’t see it with his X-Ray Vision.  Luthor also stages Keefe’s apartment to set him up to look like a “lone gunman.”  But Lois spies some groceries which indicate that Keefe was planning to return at some point and did not knowingly embark on a suicide mission.

5. The Inexplicable Luthor Scene That Leaked Online is Included – But it still doesn’t make much sense.  We just see Luthor talking to someone that will apparently be revealed in ‘Justice League’.  But we do see Luthor being taken to Arkham Asylum, which sets him up to cameo in ‘Suicide Squad’, something that’s been rumored for some time now.

6. Luthor Knows Who Batman Is Too – In the same scene, Luthor reveals he knows that Batman is Bruce Wayne.  This is on top of him already figuring out that Superman is Clark Kent.  This can’t go well for the heroes…

7. More Clark Kent – One issue people have had with Zack Snyder’s handling of the Man of Steel is that this take isn’t proactive enough.  In the theatrical cut, Superman is shown just standing in shock in the wreckage after the bombing.  In the Ultimate Edition, he is shown rescuing survivors and taking action.

Also Clark gets to do a bit more.  He is shown using his investigative skills when looking into the Batman story.  Then at the end of the movie, as an Easter Egg, Pete Ross and Lana Lang from ‘Man of Steel’ attend Clark’s funeral along with the Daily Planet staff and we discover that Bruce Wayne is footing the bill.

8. More Bruce Wayne (In A Different Way) – Apparently, Ben Affleck soaps up in the shower.  Holy Steam Room!

As previously reported, the fight scenes are extended, but in addition, these story elements should help the rocky film flow a bit better.  Those that have seen it declare that this longer cut, despite the length, works much better than the theatrical version, so even at this protracted run time, maybe Warner Brothers should have just sucked it up and released a three hour movie.

Are you looking forward to this release?  What else do you hope to see?

‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – Ultimate Edition’ will be available for digital download on June 28, 2016 while the BluRay will be available July 19.

Source: Comic Book Movie