J. Michael Stracynski fans will be pleased to hear that the man’s comic book series, ‘Rising Star’ has been optioned by MGM to be turned into a big-screen adventure, with Stracynski writing the script and with Alex Gartner and Richard Suckle on board to produce for Atlas Entertainment. While clearly not the first cinematic project Stracynski has worked on (the man has credits that include ‘World War Z,’ ‘Thor,’ and ‘Ninja Assassin’), it is excited to see a relatively unknown comic being brought to life, as at the very least it will feel more fresh and unique that the current stream of sequels and reboots featuring the same comic book characters we have already seen (some of them having been used on screen at this points for literal decades.)

So what is ‘Rising Star’ you might ask? The story revolves around 113 children who were in utero when a meteor hit their hometown in Illinois, leaving them all with special powers (feels a little like ‘Smallville’ with some ‘Heroes’ thrown in). The plot thickens when someone starts murdering these super-powered beings, causing their abilities to jump to the remaining “special” folk, which is a problem because some of them are not that thrilled about joining the superhero lifestyle. The story is being compared to Stracynski’s work with the Wachowski siblings on Netflix’s ‘Sense8’ series, though this being a film means it will most likely have a larger budget, and the ability to be a bit more ambitious in terms of style, which Stracynski seems able to handle.

What are your thoughts on ‘Rising Star’ being made into a superhero film? Do you think it will find an audience? Will it feel too much like the indie hit ‘Chronicle’ which also came out of nowhere and featured a different type of superhero? Share your opinions down in the comments section below!

SOURCE: Blastr

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