New York Comic Con is the biggest Comic Convention on the east coast of the US, so it’s not surprise that when the cosplayers hit NYCC, they hit it hard! Every year hundreds of people pour their blood, sweat, and tears into making the best costume possible to present to the masses at New York Comic Con… and this year was no exception!

Here we have collected some of the best costumes seen on the show floor at New York Comic Con 2014! We might have missed a few, and if you don’t see one here that you feel blew you away, just wait! We’ve got more galleries to come in the next few days to keep your appetite for Cosplay satiated! For now, dive in to the first of several galleries below!

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Chain Mail Iron-Man

Red Hoods


Batman 1972 and Wonder Woman


Raiden and Sub Zero

Ratchet and Clank

The Ice Climbers


Kid Flash



Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy

Lola Bunny



Skull Kid

Shadowcat and Black Widow

Captain America and The Winter Soldier


Red Lantern Mera, Orange Lantern Penguin, Batgirl, and Black Lantern Wonder Woman


Nicholas Angel

Barf the Mog

Laira, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, and Sinestro

Beebop and Rocksteady

Mighty Morphin Red Power Ranger



Mighty Morphin Pink Power Ranger

Bombshell Harley Quinn and Joe-Ker

Black Bat Cassandra Cain

Captain Mal Reynolds

Lady Sif

Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy

The Normandy Crew from ‘Mass Effect’

The Monopoly Guy

Ms. Marvel Crol Danvers

Powdered Toast Man, Quail Man, and Plastic Man

Maria Hill

Wonder Woman from ‘Justice League: War’

Darkwing Duck and Megavolt

The Wii-Fit Trainer, Link, Princess Zelda, and Navi

Space Ghost

Mystique, Storm, and Azazel

Miguel and Tulio from ‘The Road to El Dorado’


Ultimate X-Men Wolverine, Jean Grey, and Cyclops

Kid Flash

Catwoman and Nightwing


With that, we conclude the first of many Cosplay Galleries taken live from the show floor at New York Comic Con 2014! Stay tuned this week for even more amazing Cosplay pics from!