A little over a year ago, we learned the ‘The LEGO Movie’ directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord were going to take on an animated theatrical ‘Spider-Man’ movie.  Since then, a release date has been set: December 21, 2018.  Now we MAY have learned a very big fact about the movie.

Last month, Lord expressed:

“Chris and I like to carve out spaces where people will let us do what we want. So much of our careers are like ‘oh, no one will bother us while we try to make a ‘21 Jump Street’ movie, because it’s such a crazy idea, no one’s going to know what to do with it.’ So we’re doing these things kind of like that. They’re part of these huge franchises, but kind of are off a little bit to the side, and that gives us a lot of creative freedom, and that’s the thing we love. Hopefully we won’t waste that!”

Now it appears that not only will this movie not connect to the upcoming live action ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ starring Tom Holland as a teenage Peter Parker, but it won’t even star Parker.

RUMOR ALERT: Take this with a grain of salt!

Heroic Hollywood is reporting that the animated ‘Spider-Man’ will feature Miles Morales!

Miles_Morales_Earth-12131Miles Morales is,, of course, the half-African American, half-Latino teenager who originally debuted in the ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ comic and took over the title after the death of that world’s Peter Parker.  The character’s debut made national mainstream headlines and proved quite popular with readers, so when Marvel decided to eliminate the Ultimate Universe, they imported Miles and his supporting cast to the mainstream Marvel U.

He currently exists alongside Parker and has joined the ‘All-New All-Different Avengers’.  Last year, Donald Glover voiced Miles on the ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ animated series.

When Sony announced they were scrapping ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3’ in favor of a reboot, fans encouraged the studio to make Miles the focus of the new film.  (Obviously, Sony/Marvel had other plans.)

Remember, this is just a RUMOR right now… but that would be pretty cool, right?

At this point, we know very little about ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ and that comes out next year on July 7, 2017.  So other than this rumor, we literally know NOTHING about the animated ‘Spider-Man’ film.

Are you excited about Miles Morales hitting the silver screen in animated form?

Source: Heroic Hollywood