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If you missed the recent big Marvel news in comic book form, let us catch you up: in the new issue of ‘Captain America: Steve Rogers #1,’ Cap himself stuns readers when he utters the two words that, since the recent happenings of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, have become universally known as standard bad-guy code: “Hail Hydra!”  Yes, Cap is a Nazi – and apparently, always has been during these last 75 years. Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort confirmed that this IS actually Steve Rogers we’re talking about, not some convenient comic-book out – how long this development stays canon, however, is anyone’s guess, as the comic companies are notorious at making big, flashy moves with their characters (deaths, good-to-evil and vice versa, etc.) and then retconning them out of existence a short while later.

With the massive popularity of the MCU, however, global audiences now have access to another “form” of these characters from the artistic pages; Marvel has never said that these characters have to be identical in their development and back-stories, and indeed, most aren’t, but it still gives one pause to think about how major developments in one arena might impact the character in the other realm.  For his part, Chris Evans – the man who has portrayed Steve Rogers as Captain America on screen since the inception of the MCU – had a brief but entertaining response to the comic-related news:

Certainly, it would be intriguing if this development did eventually make its way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I honestly can’t see how it would, given the current direction of all the films and their over-arching storyline.  Heck, by the time the MCU is ready to put it on screen in a few years, the idea could very well have been completely wiped out of the “mainstream Marvel universe” on the comic pages.

Source: ScreenRant

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