micro the punisher

With only a few short weeks left until Netflix/ Marvel FINALLY premiere ‘The Punisher’ series, any kind of update or news is welcome about the newest series in the Netflix corner of the MCU. The latest scoop comes to us from Ebon Moss-Bachrach, the man who will be portraying Frank Castle’s confidante and ally in the war on crime, Micro.

Micro is a character from the comics normally seen as “the guy in the chair” (to borrow a quote from ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’) depicted as a little overweight, with a ponytail, and glasses. From the set-photos alone, we know Moss-Bachrach will be playing the character a little differently, which makes sense considering the kinds of characters he has played in the past. While speaking to Screen Rant about his current project, HBO’s ‘Tokyo Project,’ Moss-Bachrach shared his thoughts about ‘The Punisher’ and Micro, and what it means to be joining the Netflix corner of the MCU:

“People keep warning me and saying how crazy it’s going to be. I guess I’ll know more when it airs but it’s exciting. Girls is interesting because I started working on [that series] when it had already become kind of a very important cultural piece and had it’s own huge kind of significance. So I was walking into the thing knowing kind of what it was and that was really exciting. Marvel is obviously a huge institution and certainly The Punisher is a very anticipated show and people know about it already from Daredevil and from Jon portraying that character [in Daredevil season 2]. So I’m excited.”

As far as the changes to Micro that he and the show are doing, he explained a lot had to do with explaining more about Micro’s backstory, and what the character physically looked like:

“I kept going back and forth because there is a huge [fan base] and it’s very important to Marvel and also important to me to kind of honor the character. And it’s cool to play a guy who’s from comic books. You don’t want to just come in just sort of play it completely different and throw it all out, but he has been modified and there’s more of a backstory. We know more about this character in the series. We learn more about him, which is a departure from the comic. So I had to kind of create it on my own terms. I also look very different than they way the guy is in the comics. Already there’s like a distance, but I’m really just hoping that it’s less of a substitution and more of a building and an expansion, because that was our aim. Sort of taking the man in the chair and fill in where he’s coming from a bit more.”

What are your thoughts on the character upgrades for Micro? Do you think they will still stay true to the essence of the character in the series? Do you think Micro in the comics was a bit of a cliche anyway, so these changes might make him a bit more of a 3-dimensional character? Share your thoughts on the matter in the comments below!

SOURCE: Screenrant