Wolverine 3

For those not interested in spoilers for ‘Wolverine 3,’ turn back now.

Ok, so far all we know for sure about this movie is that it will be Hugh Jackman’s final outing as the beloved mutant that he has portrayed so successfully since 2000. We also know it will be loosely based on the ‘Old Man Logan’ story from the comics, which means it will be set in the future, and we know that the studio has agreed to let the film be rated “R,” meaning we will finally get a very dark ‘Wolverine’ film.

So what is new? According to an exclusive reported by website Nerdist, apparently the main villain of the film will be a ““relentless, calculating… intense head of security for a global enterprise” and will be portrayed by Boyd Holbrook, and apparently it is going to be an original character (which I suspected was going to happen, since in the comic all of the villains are other Marvel characters that 20th Century Fox does not have the rights to). Aside from that apparently the Reavers will be battling Logan in the film as well. For anyone not in the know, the Reavers in the ‘X-Men’ universe are a group of cyborgs who have operated as an elite military force and sometimes just as a gang of thieves, in all incarnations hating on mutants and being led by villain Donald Pierce (who is half-robot himself) who created the Reavers to destroy mutants. 

And as for this “global enterprise” mentioned, theories are that the group is either the Hellfire club (which just so happens to include Donald Pierce as a member), or else it is an organization run by Nathaniel Essex, who fans know better as major ‘X-Men’ villain Mister Sinister. Other major theories include the idea that the Reavers will be enhanced versions of major villains that Wolverine has fought before, meaning we could revisit all of the enemies from Wolverine’s cinematic past on his final movie in the franchise, which might be kind of cool. To see him face off against Sabertooth again has long been requested, so this might just be the way to do it.

What are your thoughts on the villains revealed for ‘Wolverine 3?’ Do you have any theories on how it might all tie together? Share your opinions down in the comments below!