There’s obviously a lot depending on the ‘Wonder Woman’ live action movie.  It will mark the first time a major female super hero has headlined a movie.  It will also feature a relatively unknown actress in the title role, Gal Gadot.  Warner Brothers apparently isn’t taking any chances.  It’s reported that the studio has contacted six different writers to each submit their own draft for a script starring DC’s Amazon Princess.  That means six different takes on the character.

It was previously revealed that the studio had found the film’s director in Michelle MacLaren (‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Game of Thrones‘ and ‘Breaking Bad’).  Presumably, MacLaren will have a significant say in the general tone the film takes on.

Writer Arash Amel (‘Grace of Monaco’, ‘Erased’) took to Twitter to not only trash WB for farming out what is supposed to be a major franchise (thus a major priority) but the Writers Guild of America, for not protecting its members against what Amel refers to as “sweatshop” conditions.

WB is presumably hoping to take the six scripts and select the best from the pile or, more likely, pick the elements it likes from each and mash them up into a finished final draft.

You can read some of Amel’s tweets below:

Does Amel have a point?  Should the studio handle this property with more finesse?  Or will having multiple options help to ultimately craft the best possible movie?

Give your opinion below!

Source: Geek Tyrant