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Well, for all the fan (note the singular use of the word) of the ‘Batman V Superman‘ movie, there is some good news out there! It seems that Warner Bros is considering the possibility of releasing the 3 hour “Ultimate Cut” to theaters. For those unaware, it had been reported a while back that Zach Snyder would be releasing a 3 hour, R-Rated cut of the movie to home video, chock full of more violent and bloody action that he could not realistically fit into the theatrical release and still maintain that PG-13 rating. Fortunately for fans who felt ‘Batman V Superman’ just needed more violence and blood in order to make it the phenomenal film we had been promised, it seems that Warner Brothers is seriously considering taking that director’s cut and giving it a theatrical release.

Why, you might ask, would the studio be doing this? Because ‘Batman V Superman’s ‘ box-office numbers are dropping faster than Superman’s IQ in the movie, and the studio is desperate to find some trick that will help the maligned film to limp across the billion dollar worldwide gross mark. While it is true that ‘Batman V Superman’ opened pretty well, its numbers have dipped significantly following the Thursday/ Friday night opening numbers, and just this past weekend ‘Batman V Superman’ lost the top box-office spot to ‘The Boss.’ In an age where superhero movies cost studios hundreds of millions of dollars and are expected to have the kind of legs to dominate the box-office for weeks after their opening, that is terrible news for Warner Bros. Current trends have the film making about $900 million, which is close to that billion dollar mark, but, once again, not quite enough. The studio is hoping an R-Rated 3-hour version might just entice enough curious fans to come back out and give the film one last shot.

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Source: Slashfilm

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