'The Flash' Troy James Rag Doll

Fans have been very excited to hear more news about classic Flash villain Rag Doll’s appearance in ‘The Flash’ Season 5 episode 5 which was announced recently, and this week brings us the announcement of who will get to play the contortionist villain. Peter Merkley, aka Ragdoll, will be brought to life by ‘America’s Got Talent’ contortionist Troy James, a decision many see as the perfect choice for the role considering the man’s amazing talent to bend his body into all manner of seemingly unnatural positions (you can check out the video below with some examples. Fair warning though, do not watch if this kind of this freaks you out):


In the comics, Rag Doll was first introduced to readers in 1942 and was the son of a carnival barker who was born triple-jointed, thus his unique ability to be able to contort his body into all manner of odd positions. His first crimes, and the source of his code name, were early department store heists where he would hide inside children’s toys and lie in wait before robbing said stores.

As for the actor who will portray the villain, Troy James has previously been tapped to use his talents to bring a Manibus Demon to life on Freeform’s ‘Shadowhunters,’ to play Father time on ‘Channel Zero,’ and to play an undead mongrel on ‘The Strain,’ with the man getting his start in entertainment with a stint as an entertainer at Canada’s Wonderland theme park. Rag Doll (aka Peter Merkel) will be one of many villains to go after Team Flash this season, including Chris Klein’s big bad Cicada, all of whom will start their reign of terror when ‘The Flash’ Season 5 premieres on the CW on Tuesday, October 9th at 8pm.

What are your thoughts on Troy James playing Rag Doll? Does he seem like the right fit for the role? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: TV Insider