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With more casting ramping up for the pilot of ‘Constantine‘, there has been some concern about the state of the show. Thankfully showrunner David Goyer (‘Da Vinci Demons‘,’Man of Steel‘) has weighed in on the subject to let the fans know that we’re going to be seeing a much grittier version more in line with the comic than a certain film that happened to star Keanu Reeves.

To start with, Goyer reconfirmed that Matt Ryan‘s take on the character will be much truer to form and not just because he happens to be British.

We start shooting next week. Shooting the pilot. We only have four series regulars but we’ve cast them all now. I’m proud to say that Constantine is actually being played by a British guy. Matt Ryan and he is going to have blond hair.”

When asked if he would be sticking close to Moore’s creation, Goyer replied:

“Yeah. And quite a few other characters from the comic books and possibly from the DC universe should we move forward will be showing up.”

OK, that might not be a selling point but one major wonder is if Constantine will be chain smoking as he does in the comic:

“That’s a tricky one on network TV. We’re negotiating right now. He will have his signature trench coat and skinny tie. I would say that the show clings more closely to the source material then the film did. Even though the film was interesting.”

So my guess is we’re not going to see him puffing away. I just hope they don’t go the gum route but we’ll see.

While I don’t see us getting characters from say ‘Arrow’ popping up on the NBC series, there are plenty of DC heroes and villains still left to bring into the fold. DC has a largely untapped occult world that could work great on the small screen.

Goyer also had some good things to say about the other actors cast for the show:

“Harold Perrineau. He’s amazing. He plays an angel but not the kind of angel from ‘Touched by an Angel’. He’s fantastic. Charles Halford who plays Reggie Ledoux on ‘True Detective’. He plays Chas. I don’t know if you know that character from the comic books. He’s sort of Constantine’s strong man/friend. Lucy Griffiths who is … I don’t want to say too much about her. She’ s an amalgam of characters. Hopefully, touch wood, there will be another recurring character announced. Pretty cool actor who fans will know the character he plays from the comic books as well.”

To see what else he had to say about the series, you can check out the full interview below:


So are you still excited about Constantine? Is the possible no smoking anything other than an annoyance? Share your thoughts below!

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