Ben Affleck Batman V Superman

With Ben Affleck‘s Batman being one of the major stand out performances in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ it should be no surprise that Warner Brothers has officially announced a standalone movie sooner than later. The news just surfaces at CinemaCon in Las Vegas where WB chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara was talking about the 10 DC movies that they had scheduled to be released over the next two years. In this 2 film a year line up he was happy to add that:

“We’re excited to be working with Ben Affleck on a standalone Batman film.”

No news if they’ll be using a script that Affleck writes while in the Batsuit like he did with the rewrites on ‘Dawn of Justice’. That being said, we have heard official news that not only will he obviously be starring in the movie but directing it as well which confirms a rumor that we’ve been hearing for months. Since he was rumored to be working on the script with DC Comics CCO Geoff Johns, this announcement really should be no surprise if we see a writing credit pop up for it as well.

The big unknown variable to the equation though is Affleck’s schedule. He has long touted that he only likes to work on a single film at a time and with ‘Live by Night’ in post-production and multiple ‘Justice League’ films having just started shooting in London it is hard to tell when he’ll have a chance to even think about ‘Batman’ let alone make it happen.

With Jared Leto’s take on The Joker in ‘Suicide Squad’ getting early rave reviews from the studio it would make sense that we would be seeing The Caped Crusader throwing down with The Clown Prince of Crime in the movie though it is obviously too early to even think about which member of his enemies we’ll see Batman going up against.

Are you happy to hear that Affleck will be both starring and directing in the next solo ‘Batman’ movie? How do you feel his portrayal of the character was compared to Bale’s? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Collider

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