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We’ve been following the casting and production of the reboot ‘Terminator: Genesis‘ for a while now and recently, we reported that two actors were up for the leading male role of freedom fighter Kyle Reese– Jai Courtney (‘I, Frankenstein’, ‘Divergent’) and Boyd Holbrook (‘The Host’, ‘Milk).  Unlike many casting rumors that turn out to be completely fake (Yeah, I’m lookin’ at you ‘Batman Vs. Superman‘), this time this turned out to be true, with Jai Courtney officially confirmed for the part.

Courtney joins the Paramount and Skydance production, starring opposite Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor and Jason Clarke (no relation) as their son John Connor. Arnold Schwarzenegger will reprise his cybernetic role, but it still isn’t known in what capacity.  ‘Thor: The Dark World”s Alan Taylor is directing.

Jason Clarke is older than either Courtney or Emilia Clarke, so obviously this would indicate that this film will at least somewhat follow the plot of the first movie, with John Conner in the future and Reese traveling backward in time.  But since the studio is keeping the plot under wraps, and considering Schwarzenegger’s age,  expect some new concepts and tweaks.  This is expected to be the start of a new trilogy.

Well there you have it!  What do you think of the choice of Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese?  Are you excited about the rebooted franchise?  Comment below!

Source: Blastr