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Fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ are currently going through massive anxiety after the suspenseful Season 6 finale, and now they can get some comfort from the fact that the cast is feeling very similarly in regards to the cliffhanger, and finding out which of them will be dead by the season 7 premiere of the show in October.

During an interview with Comicbook.com, Andrew Lincoln spoke on the death in the finale, and how the cast felt about losing one of their own, and why they chose to make a pact to keep it secret:

“We kind of made a pact with each other, just because personally and professionally one of us is going. These people are lovely, dear friends. Including myself one of us is gonna get it…We all just made a pact not to discuss it. It’s upsetting. It’s too precious. There are certain things that become sacred on set and I’m afraid, I’m one of these people going, ‘I can’t talk about it.’ Every time we’ve lost somebody on the show they’ve been instrumental in story telling. It’s the same thing. We lock up shop. We linked arms, got our knees, and said, ‘You know what? Let’s not discuss this. It’s painful. No apologies.'”

Over on ‘The Today Show,’ star Norman Reedus also opened up about the finale, speaking about the changes in the show, and his own thoughts on what happened, and also claiming that unlike the rest of the cast, he already knows who died:

“That finale was about the change of power. I think sometimes people think our show is survivor island and ‘Who’s gonna eat it this week?’ but it’s not and that episode was to show the change of power. Rick goes into that episode real confident and he comes out of it broken…Cliffhangers have been happening since the beginning of entertainment so it makes sense. I know what happens and it’s gutwrenching to me.”

What are your thoughts here? Who do you think Negan killed in the finale? Share your opinions and theories in the comments below!

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