Last week on Dexter we found out that this season will be based on the concept of Faith, and how does a serial killer have any. We were introduced to Professor Gellar and his protege Travis, and their unique killing style. We learned that Quinn was going to propose to Deb (before a shooting broke out and they were interrupted) and that Angel was going to be the new Lieutenant following LaGuerta’s move to becoming Captain. How do you feel about the ideas behind this season?

This episode starts out with Dexter giving Harrison his bath, saying “Rituals are important. Not just for a serial killer, but for a 2 year old who needs to go to bed.” He says that these are his favorite moments with Harrison, his bubble bath and playtime. He tells Harrison a story before bed, which Harrison requests that it’s the Monster Story. Harrison also mentions “Daddy’s Box” which worries Dexter that he might be passing on some of his Dark Passenger to his son.

Professor Gellar and Travis are moving bags into the church. Travis tells the Professor that he will be running late the next evening, which upsets him. He wants Travis to prove to him that he will be a worthy student, and that he can rely on him. As he’s moving a bag up the stairs, Travis accidentally drops it, and a mannequin head and body falls out. Later, Travis goes to visit his sister. She convinces him to stay for dinner, complaining that they used to be so close but he’s drifted away.  They talk about work, and how the kids in her class are talking about the flocks of dead birds found and they think its the end of the world. Travis also believes it is the end of the world. His sister then convinces him to stay with her that night, even with his protests. The next day, Professor Gellar questions Travis’ whereabouts. When Travis tells him he was with his sister, the Professor says he’s the one taking care of him now, that he doesn’t need anyone else. He burns his wrist, saying he is burning for Travis’ sins, and Travis apologizes, and tries to get him to stop. That night, Travis grabs the next victim.

Quinn is making breakfast when Deb wakes up. He’s making pancakes, which Deb says her Dad had the best so he has high standards to work up to, and goes to the fridge. The ring is in there, and Quinn gets down on one knee behind her. Deb flips out, telling him that she needs to think about this. She goes to Dexter, telling him that Quinn makes her happy, that there isn’t drama. The “But” factor is that she isn’t sure if she doesn’t want “no drama” in the relationship. She doesn’t want to marry him, but she doesn’t want to not be with him.

Later, Deputy Chief Matthews calls Deb into LaGuerta’s old office to tell her that he was impressed with her heroics, and that she will be the new Lieutenant. Deb protests, saying that job is for Angel, but he won’t take no for an answer. When she’s alone, she asks “What the fuck is going on today?” Later on, she goes over by Dexter’s to tell him about being made Lieutenant, and asks to stay the night after remembering Quinn proposed to her that morning too. The next day, Deb takes Angel out for coffee, and tells him that she wouldn’t be the detective she is now if it wasn’t for him, and then tells him that Matthews promoted her to Lieutenant, but won’t do it unless Angel gives his blessing. Angel gives his blessing and congratulates her, but later LaGuerta confronts him and he is visibly angry for being passed up. Not because of Deb, but because it was to get back at LaGuerta, and he always gets stuck with the raw end of the deal when it comes to that.  That night Deb tells Quinn that she can’t marry him, that she’s happy the way things are. Quinn argues that he wants more, and tell’s Deb to leave. The next day, the announcement is made official that Deb is the new Lieutenant of Miami Metro Homicide.

We are introduced to Brother Sam (played by Mos Def) who is an ex-con turned Minister. He runs a body shop where he hires other ex-cons to try and get them on the righteous path. Dexter thinks he is a phony, especially since he had killed someone. Brother Sam was on his kill list, but was picked up before he could meet Dexter’s table. He was brought in for questioning for the death of the fruit vendor from last episode, but he knows nothing of it. He just knew he brought his car into his shop. Dexter decides to do some investigating of his own, and rams his car into a garbage bin to have a reason to bring it into the shop. While Brother Sam checks out his car they talk a little, Sam telling him about his past and how he’s using the divine intervention to better his life, and the life of others. When Dexter asks if his darkness is gone, he says no, its a battle he fights every day, but its his sacrifice for the pain he caused in his past life. It comes forward that one of his men, Nick, hasn’t come into work.

That night, Dexter trails Brother Sam into a shady neighborhood where he stops at a house. There is gunfire, and Brother Sam puts a body in the trunk of his car. Dexter follows him back to the shop, where he is stopped by a dog. Brother Sam calls off the dog, and Dexter says he left his garage clicker in his car and thought it was too late to call. He follows Sam into the shop, where Nick is standing upright. It turns out Nick had fired the gun, and Brother Sam was trying to get him out of the house since he was just getting high and screwing things up. Nick takes the dog out, and a gang comes up behind Sam to get Nick back. Dexter tells the guys to back off, hit one of them with their own bat. When a gun is pulled, Brother Sam tells them to shoot him, and Julio (the leader) warns him that they never found the body of the last guy he killed, leading Dexter to his next target. Dexter then pulls out his badge, showing that he’s with the police, and they leave. Brother Sam praises God that he is alive still. A few days later, Dexter has Julio on his table, and he becomes his next victim.

What do you think of the new addition of Brother Sam? Do you think he is an Ex-Con Gone Good, or do you think its just a ploy? Do you think Professor Gellar and Travis are trying to prove with their murders? How do you think Dexter’s Dark Passenger going to play on Harrison?

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