For those of you not caught up on ‘American Horror Story: Hotel‘ but want to know why so many cast members looked similar this season, you might want to read this spoiler-filled article. Of course, if you don’t want to know about a major plot point that has tied many of these characters together you should turn back now! I do say major plot point as it has been subtle in the story but present through the myriad of tales that have dropped this season.

It all boils down to the conversation that Countess and Donovan were having in the most recent episode about Donovan’s past. Basically, she goes into the fact that Rudolph Valentino is the one who changed her into what she is now. So when he disappeared on her shortly after, she spent most of the time before he reappeared in her life trying to create someone to take his place. That is why so many of the undead look as if they were created in his image – because they were! She has a type and it’s all Valentino all the time.

Seems totally normal for a slightly obsessive immortal to do in their spare time if you ask me.

This explains why when the show was being cast many were being called for a “certain look.” Though, not everyone who seems to have been cast have been on her menu quite yet. How much that could change in the final three episodes remains to be seen.

Were you happy to see that there was a solid reasoning behind the men in Donovan’s life? How do you think her intimate friendship with Angela Bassett’s Ramona Royale could factor into this? Share your thoughts below!

‘Americal Horror Story: Hotel’ is on hiatus until January 6th when it will return for the final three episodes of the season!

Source: Cinema Blend