Welcome back, Robbie. Wish circumstances were different…

Somebody’s been a bad, bad boy…errrrr, wolf. Fresh off frolicking with Mark, Caroline, Andrew, Wendy, and the rest of the new pack, Josh wakes up in his birthday suit next to a blonde that is most definitely NOT his wife, Nora. It’s probably the worst person he could’ve made the beast with two backs in Wendy, vitriolic Mark’s wife. She’s less than upset with the revelation that their wolves did the deed though Josh re-establishes his position as a man who truly knows how to freak out. Huddling his privates from Wendy’s sights, Josh scurries on and when the two wander back to the group, he’s ready to get the heck out of dodge. They arrive home to a skittish Aidan, searching for some much needed blood, and Sally when the quartet gets the proverbial punch to the gut when Sally’s brother, Robbie, drops the bomb that they have 30 days to either 1) buy the house or 2) vacate the premises.

It’s not quite the information they were expecting and end up going their separate ways for a bit. Josh and Nora have lunch and talk about the situation and Josh wonders if this is the fresh start they need as a couple. Nora does want to build a life between them but Aidan and Sally are their family, too, and it’s not the time for the two of them to start a new family just yet. Despite her opposition, Josh presses the issue, seeing the potential of starting over.

They get back to the house and Sally throwing out some less than savory ideas on driving away possible buyers when Josh tells the ghost and vampire that he and Nora are going to pursue other avenues – to move on. The idea of the house had been for he and Aidan to find normalcy in a world of supernatural things and, with Nora by his side, that’s exactly what he’s been able to do. Naturally Aidan and Sally are taken aback by the news and the former goes out on his own in search for a blood supply when he runs across Susanna who leads him away from the blood house. They walk and Aidan shares his concerns on being alone she takes him to the new bar where she works.

They did a bad, bad thing

While Aidan’s watching Susanna work at her bartender gig, Sally’s transported to 2009 after trying to drive away the first set of buyers. She sees, for the first time, that Robbie had a bad feeling about Danny from the beginning, but his warnings were not heeded. Josh sets up a clandestine meeting with Wendy and he’s unable to get through her head that what they did was wrong and will bring some bad tidings if they share it with their significant others. Though she’s not on board and her feelings on their furred tryst is a bit out there, she’s right when she tells Josh that, “sooner or later you’re going to have to make peace with whatever your wolf wants before it eats you alive.”

At the house, Robbie hosts a second set of buyers and the kid, Jackson, is assaulted by a mysterious presence that looks like a girl. Josh and Nora return to their foul-smelling abode. Their first forays into house hunting haven’t been successful when Josh suggests they could really start anew and leave Boston. Nora’s definitely not on board with this and her primary concern is getting all of her Josh back. “I went along with it to make you happy,” she admits and Josh bolts, going for a run. As Aidan and Susanna are chatting away when Josh calls Aidan and joins his roomie at the bar. He admits to his wolfish indiscretions, gets the story behind Susanna and Aidan’s advice that keeping things from Nora is “one of those things that you have to keep from the person you love to protect them.” Susanna listens to their conversation and further recognizes she can never share the truth behind her strength against killing to Aidan.

Back in 2009, Sally helplessly watches as everything Robbie does trying to protect her from Sally only further alienates him from his sister. Aidan helps close down the bar with Susanna and, after she compels a couple of annoying frat-types away, the former husband and wife have the bar to themselves and share a look that helps them rekindle their relationship is the most physically intimate of ways.

Josh wolfs-out on Mark

A drunk Josh returns home and is very apologetic. Nora starts back up on the discussion, reiterating that she doesn’t think he’s ready to leave what they have and he’s ready to be honest about the Wendy situation but is interrupted twice, once by Robbie and the second time by a fist-swinging Mark who, contrary to Wendy’s assertions, is less “forward thinking” than she assumed. He whips up on Josh ad tells Nora what happened. When she tries to intervene, he pushes her down, causing Josh to Teen Wolf-out and attacks Mark with the feral intent to kill. She’s able to halt Josh before things go too far but the true damage has already been done. She’s more than upset and it’s not just about his wolf getting it on with another wolf. She sees the “vicious killer” hiding underneath the surface and though Josh denies it, Nora’s set on what she sees. “Let me know when you’re ready to do something about it,” she tells him a disappears upstairs, leaving him to the couch.

After their all-nighter, Aidan and Susanna’s post-coital talk about their own issues. She wants him to stop with the feeding while he believes she needs to stop killing other vampires. They both promise to try and temptation makes itself known for the both of them but Aidan slips first, draining a cute redhead that caught his attention on the way home.

Sally’s last moments in 2009 are watching her brother leave out of her life and her return to the present she gains the unfortunate company of her brother as a ghost after the insidious force inhabiting the house electrocutes him.

Moving On…

  • There comes a time when we have to move on from the comfortable and familiar and start anew. Were things normal, Robbie’s decree on selling the house would be that catalyst for Josh and Nora. But is anything ever normal for our ‘Being Human’ peeps? Even for supernatural beings, their lives take the most unexpected of turns. And while sometimes starting over may be best when things have taken that proverbial wrong turn, when you’re someone like Josh who’s yet to come to terms with his true self, those closest to you could be the key to recovering those lost parts of you.
  • How much would we give to change our pasts? We can’t and Sally’s treks through time, contrary to her attempts to intervene with the moments she’s experiencing, cannot either. On the opposite end of changing our pasts, how many of us would do anything NOT to relive some of our less than proud moments? Watching your brother stand up for you behind the scenes and castigated for it, has to be a bitter pill. When Sally returns, she promises to make it up to him, a prospect she never would’ve expected to involve his ghost.
  • So where do things stand with Aidan and Susanna? Minutes after their tryst and promises to one another, he’s already fallen off the wagon, imbibing in the nubile flesh of a cute and unsuspecting ginger woman. One of the most important thing for our heroes is to show their weaknesses. Despite his strength, Aidan’s biggest flaw is his inability to stay off the sauce. He’s an addict, much like Stefan from ‘The Vampire Diaries’both are unable to ‘drink in moderation’. Can Susanna’s strength—no doubt forged after mistakenly feeding on their son—be the one thing Aidan needs to overcome his weakness?