Finally, all is right in Gotham City. While I really enjoyed Dick Grayson’s run as Batman, it’s always nice to see DC Comics’ third oldest character back in the comfortable world of his own book. Kyle Higgins steps right into the world of the first sidekick turned standout hero, and does a nice job reintroducing Nightwing to the mean streets of Gotham.

As with the majority of the Bat-verse, ‘Nightwing’ #1 isn’t really a reboot; Dick Grayson’s history remains in tact. He is fresh off a year stint as Batman, while Bruce was “away”, so he has a fresh perspective on being Nightwing again. Aside from the change in color scheme there really isn’t much different about Nightwing so far.

This book felt like a new beginning for the Boy Wonder all grown up, and Higgins does a great job recapping the history of this iconic character. If you weren’t familiar with Nightwing before, this a great jumping on point (as I imagine DC Comics intended for all of the New 52).

I tried to be as objective as possible when reading the return of my favorite character, so while I enjoyed the book overall, there are a couple of things I’m not super excited about. Like the new red uniform, the blue and black was just so simple and classic. I felt like the size of the bird on his chest changed from panel to panel way too much. I also wasn’t crazy about how Dick was worried about not being afraid of anything Gotham had to throw at him, when I feel like he should be more worried about striking fear into criminals without the cape and cowl.

What I liked the most about this first issue is Haly’s Circus. For the first time since his parents were killed by Boss Zucco, Dick Grayson returns to his original home when it is in Gotham City. I can’t imagine what it must have felt like to walk under the Big Top for Dick. It was really cool to also see him take to the air with the greatest of ease when he was home on trapeze.

The issue ends with Dick Grayson being attacked by a mysterious assailant. I think the addition of the attacker pushed the envelope a bit for the story, since most of the book focused on the two sides of Dick Grayson (Loft Living House Slob/Rooftop Scaling Superhero). The last few pages would have been better suited as the beginning of issue #2 and we could have spent a little more time at Haly’s Circus.

Regardless, welcome back Nightwing. I can’t wait to see what happens next month as “Everything Burns”.

Nightwing #1
Writer: Kyle Higgins
Penciller: Eddy Barrows
Inker: JP Mayer
Colors: Rod Reis
Cover: Barrows, Mayer and Reis