Obviously ‘Ash vs Evil Dead‘ is a continuation from the ‘Evil Dead’ series but there are a few key pieces you may not have noticed in how the filming and characterization tie directly into the movies. Showrunner Craig DiGregorio recently sat down in an interview and explained some of the ways that Sam Raimi had him tackle the show in order to make it not only technically be a follow up to the films but visually and spiritually as well.

When coming up with how the series was being seen in relationship to the ‘Evil Dead’ and ‘Army of Darkness,’ it was very important that certain ways the camerawork was done and how scenes were framed were kept in line with Raimi’s earlier work so that viewers had the same the experience :

“Sam set up the aesthetics of the series, for sure, from the way he shot things to the way the cameras move to the angles he used. He definitely set up the look of the world, in general. When you look at the old films and the new show, it’s difficult to tell which is which, at some points, and that’s all on purpose. We wanted this to be a retro throwback show that’s still in the present. We were very aware, going into the show, that it should have that feel to it.”

Of course the visual theme is one thing, but having Bruce Campbell reprise his iconic role was another. It wasn’t just that Campbell was back, but they wrote Ash fighting the Deadite plague acting the same way he did 24 years ago. It was important to Raimi that Ash acted the same way that he used to. While many of us change as we grow older, they wrote Ash to still be a bit of a giant manchild:

“One of the cool things about the show is that it doesn’t shy away from anything. Ash, as he progresses through the movies, has become this loudmouth, selfish, charming asshole that you can’t help but love. A lot of times on TV, you see the man-child character who’s like, ‘I’m never going to grow up! I’m never going to do it!’ They’re 25 when they say it, and then they’re 30 and they’re like, ‘I got married.’ And Ash never did it. He just stuck to it and really carried that whole life out.”

How true! Anyone who has started hitting those marks as they get older can completely appreciate that! While most people change, for better or worse, Ash is a man who hasn’t. It’ll be interesting to see if he grows at all as a person as the series progresses, though for enjoyments sake I’m on the fence if I’d actually want him to grow up at all or not.

What are your thoughts on ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’? Have you been noticing the nods to the original films in how scenes have been setup? What are your thoughts on Ash after all this time? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend.