Ever since the ‘Arrow’ season 4 episode ‘Haunted,‘ in which we saw guest star Matt Ryan’s Constantine transfer one of his tattoos to Oliver Queen after the pair’s adventure on Lian Yu, fans have been clamoring to see the magical tattoo in action. Expectations have been high ever since Constantine told Oliver that it could be used against Reiter, and we have all been waiting to see what kind of situation Oliver ends up in that would require the use of the tattoo. Recently, Executive Producer Wendy Mericle spoke about the aforementioned tattoo, confirming that it is a weapon against Reiter, and also revealing some of the tattoo’s limitations:

“Basically Constantine says to him that this is insurance against Reiter, and we’re going to deliver on that promise entirely…It’s going to help Oliver when he’s in a very dark place and time when he has no other way out. It’s going to be the thing that pulls him out of a very dark spot and literally saves him.”

When commenting on fan theories that the tattoo might also help Oliver in the fight against Darhk, Mericle exlained:

“…the mysticism that Reiter is practicing may or may not sync up with what Damien Darhk is doing.”

Which sounds like a roundabout way of saying that Constantine’s tattoo help will only really be useful against Reiter. Which makes sense in a way, because if Oliver had an all-powerful tattoo used to fight magic, he probably would have used it already in one of his confrontations against Darhk. There is also the theory that whatever magic was in the tattoo was used up in the fight against Reiter, which means if Oliver can imbue the tattoo with more magic (maybe getting another appearance on the show from Constantine), then maybe he could also use it against Darhk.

Only the future will tell what they end up using that tattoo for, but for now, we have the epic ‘Arrow’/ ‘The Flash’ crossover to look forward to this week!

Source: Screen Rant