Despite series creator Alan Ball letting it slip about 2 weeks ago that they have already started writing scripts for Season 5 of ‘True Blood’, the official notice came today when HBO’s President Michael Lombardo announced that it has been signed and production will begin later this year with plans of it being aired in the summer of 2012.

With this exciting news coming, where do you see the series headed? Do you think there will be more influence from the books? Do you like what they have done in these 4 seasons so far?

Even with the changes made to the television series (adding new characters, keeping other characters alive) the main story for this season is based off of book 4, ‘Dead to the World’. I’m hoping they continue with this pattern and go to book 5, which is ‘Dead as a Doornail’. The main story would focus then on Alcide, whom I think is an underused character. The problem with that being the story has already been used within the past three seasons. What stories do you want to see? Who do you want to see more of?