MTV seems to be shaking things up with ‘Scream‘ as they are replacing the showrunners for the series. Jill Blotevogel (‘Harper’s Island’,’The Dead Zone’) and Jaime Paglia (‘Eureka’,’The Flash’) will be done with running the show after the first season as Michael Gans and Richard Register (‘Make It or Break It’, ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’) are taking over. Blotevogel will still be on hand as a consultant though Paglia will be off to work on other projects. While the series had a second season order before only half of its initial 10-episode run was completed, Dimension TV was unhappy with the direction of the show.

It shouldn’t be too surprising either that the network and studios would want to shake things up with how low the ratings were looking especially with how much the studio spent on marketing. With ‘Scream’ being a household name in horror and other works in the genre doing so well, you would think that they could average higher than their 755,000 total viewers. The first season of the series never lived up to its potential and wasn’t able to strike the right chord with audiences so hopefully the second season can pull off.

When you factor in shows like ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘American Horror Story’, and ‘Scream Queens,’ there is a clear want of shows from the horror genre. Things just aren’t looking great here and you could almost expect that this is going to be a make it or break it season for ‘Scream’.

While the film series has long been able to mix horror and a small amount of comedy while deconstructing the genre on the whole, the television series has fallen short in all of these areas.

Have you been watching ‘Scream’ and loved or hated the series? What are your thoughts on the showrunners being changed out for some fresh blood? Is this is a series that really needed to be made or was the film franchise as far as you wanted them to take it? Share your thoughts below!

New episodes of ‘Scream’ will return in 2016 on MTV.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter