Director Dean Alioto sat down with us this week to talk about his new film ‘Portal’. This new paranormal flick follows a group of ghost hunters that get into a situation that’s a little too real. The Ghost Seekers soon realize that this isn’t just a case of strange noises or eerie feelings, this haunting is real and dangerous.


The main draw for me, personally, was the guest star, Heather Langenkamp. Nancy has come a long way since ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’. Langenkamp let acting take a backseat over the years. You’d be more likely to see her at a convention rather than on the silver screen. She prefers to be the effects coordinator at AFX Studio. There she gets to work side-by-side with her husband David LeRoy Anderson. ‘Portals’ allowed her to work both in front of, and behind the scenes for special effects.



‘Portal’ is now available via on-demand through all the major platforms.