For those of us hoping that Michael Dorn (‘Star Trek: The Next Generation‘,’Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘) would be returning to his Klingon heritage one last time in the much hoped for Star Trek series ‘Captain Worf,’ you’re about to be disappointed. According to Dorn, the new series that is being released to CBS All Access is not the show that he pitched. Not only that, but fans of the Trek that we spent years of our lives growing up with have some more news that might be hard to swallow.

Recently at Rhode Island Comic-Con he was in attendance and said that:

“I can confirm it right now. CBS/Paramount is coming out with a television series in 2017 and from what I’ve read, it’s going to be the J.J. Abrams-universe. So, it’s going to be a different timeline and we are not in in.”

While this does not confirm that the new series will be assimilating television into the universe which J.J. Abrams has made so popular on the big screen, it shouldn’t really surprise anyone. With the studio having control over what gets made on television as well as the high profits they’ve been able to achieve with luring a new audience, it would only be logical for a new televised ‘Star Trek’ universe to boldly go where no Trek has gone before and take place in the recently rebooted timeline.

One can only hope that just because Alex Kurtzman is on board as one of the executive producers that we can actually still be getting more stories in the classic universe and let us know a little more about what happened to the Federation that we all know and love.

What are your thoughts on the new television series not being ‘Captain Worf’? Would you rather see a new series in the classic or rebooted universe? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Trek News