‘Doctor Who’ will return next year in April by the most recent accounts.  The show has been filming for some time now, and there has been no indication of delays.  But the only new episode left to air this year is the annual Christmas Special which airs on Christmas Day, December 25.

The episode is written by the showrunner Steven Moffat, himself.  Not much is known about the special.  We do know that Pearl Mackie will not be debuting as Bill, The Doctor’s newest companion.  Her introduction will be saved for the series proper.  Instead, The Doctor will be joined by a “guest companion.” but nothing more than that.  Of course, last year’s special guest was Alex Kingston’s River Song.  The episode also introduced Matt Lucas as The Nardole, who was revealed to be returning for Season 10.  It’s doubtful they’d use River Song in two consecutive ‘Christmas Specials’, but could The Nardole make an early return, bridging the two?

Though he took care not to spoil too much, writer Mark Gatiss has contributed to Season 10 and recently revealed that he had read the script for the ‘Christmas Special’ and offered his take:

“I think the Christmas special… which is the only one this year… I think is one of Steve’s best ever scripts, absolutely beautiful. It made me cry.”

“What can you expect? The Doctor is in it. It’s great! I’ve read three scripts. I’ve seen a little bit. Just because of the new companion and things but I don’t want to see it, because it spoils it! I am such a fan, I just want to watch it. Peter Capaldi’s first season, the second half of that I knew nothing about. And it was such a joy to watch the next time trailer and just be totally surprised. So I mean, I have to, to some extent, but I try and see as little as possible, because I don’t wanna spoil it.”

So… not much to be gleaned from that.  Perhaps as a consolation gift, the ‘Class’ Twitter account offered up a new picture of Katherine Kelly as Miss Quill.  Her face is obscured, but she is clearly holding a high tech weapon, so there is more to this character than a simple school teacher.


Her face is no secret, as it can be seen here:

Class Katherine Kelly

It’s probably just to emphasize the weapon in her hand.

‘Class’ is in session this fall on BBC 3 online in the UK and BBC America in… America.  The ‘Doctor Who Christmas Special’ airs on Christmas Day and Season 10 is expected to begin in April.

Which are you most excited for?

Source: Screen Rant