fear the walking dead

We know that Morgan will be surviving “The Last Stand” on ‘The Walking Dead‘ as we have confirmation that ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ will go through a significant time jump when it returns for the fourth season! It was never previously clear if they were going to somehow shoehorn a Lennie James journey to where the cast currently is and convoluting the timeline but now we know for sure that this is a continuation. While we know, this means Morgan survives, it also means that we’ll be missing quite a bit of what happened to the characters over this time period.

The news came from Robert Kirkman himself on the Letter Hacks page of the comic where the writer responded to one of the readers who asked:

“This half of Season Eight leads directly into Fear the Walking Dead Season Four, which will shake that show in a majorly cool way. So make sure you hang around for that.”

Not only does this mean a more significant crossover between the shows is now a viable option, but we no longer have to worry about Morgan’s safety in the immediate future.

This doesn’t let us know if the aftermath of the Season 3 finale with the dam blowing will be told immediately or fed out to us in pieces over the season. It is also unclear if all of the survivors from the explosion will already be together or if we’ll see them return to one another slowly as the season progresses.

I’m just curious to see how Morgan will deal with Alicia or Strand if neither one has changed how they tend to deal with a situation. They don’t seem like the type who would be able to stay on his good side for long.

Are you happy to hear that we’re getting confirmation of Morgan surviving into ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ and this isn’t a flashback? What do you think those who survived the last season will be up to after such a long time jump? Share your thoughts below!

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ will return to infect AMC on April 15th, 2018!

Source: Screen Rant