NBC’s ‘Manifest’ was the highest-rated new drama of the fall season, but ratings have slipped.  The show’s season finale had 10% fewer viewers than the penultimate episode.  ‘Manifest’ is about a group of “passengers” on board a commercial flight that vanishes for five and a half years.  When they return, however, no time has passed for them, while the world has moved forward.  Even with a slightly weaker showing for the season finale, it looks likely that NBC will renew it for a second season.  Showrunner Jeff Rake has previously stated that he sees the show running for six seasons, which roughly matches the five-and-a-half year gap from the passengers missing time.

NBC isn’t likely to announce whether or not ‘Manifest’ will return until May when they announce their fall schedule.

SPOILER ALERT FROM HERE!  Turn back if you are behind!:

The show’s main character, Ben (Josh Dallas) and his daughter Olive (Luna Blaise) have both independently hypothesize that the passengers are living on borrowed time and have a “death clock” that is counting down those missing five+ years.

As Rake said:

“The fact that they reached the same result carries a lot of weight for them but it’s still just a theory that will require Ben and others to set out to try to figure out if there are ways that they can confirm this theory that is, in a sense, the worst nightmare for them. And then also, try to figure out if this is their fate, then can it be overcome? Is it sealed or is it something that can somehow be defied? That will be an ongoing question for our heroes for the remainder of the series and that’ll drive a lot of their actions in Season 2 and beyond.  That will, of course, lead to a lot of collateral behavior as the word spreads among the passenger community that they may only have five and a half years left. It will lead to a lot of different actions on the part of people who believe. There will be denialists who throw caution to the wind and try to seize the day, so to speak.”

‘Manifest’ has slowly been bringing in additional passengers and delving into their stories, and in the season finale, a new threat known as “The Major” was introduced.

The first season of ‘Manifest’ is available to stream on Hulu if you’d like to catch up on one of the most popular new shows on television.

Source: Syfy Wire