Two episodes in and us Flash-fanatics are being prepared for a serious crisis…maybe even on two earths.

Who is Zoom?

Picking up where last week’s premiere left off, Jay Garrick addresses the group about Professor Zoom and the threat to their world. When Barry grills Garrick about his identity, the latter replies “where I came from, I was a speedster like you. They called me the Flash.” The revelation is jarring enough but Barry’s hard pressed to just take Garrick’s words at face value. Caitlin volunteers to run tests on the visitor and the two seem to hit things off pretty well. Accepting the plausibility of Garrick’s story, Stein breaks down the idea of a multiverse. He surmises that, somewhere in Central City, there’s a breach leading to this Earth-2 and they must find a way to close it. Until more proof of Garrick’s story can be corroborated, Barry’s no longer in the business of trusting people. Even after Garrick identifies the latest meta-human, one he called Sand Demon in his world, Barry refuses Garrick any sort of benefit of the doubt. He even berates his team on their inability to maintain objectivity in the scientific methodology of verifying the truth of Garrick’s words. The irony here is Barry himself is unable to maintain his own objectivity and Iris eventually calls him out on it. He admits that Jay Garrick’s ‘too good to be true’ appearance and desire to help is uncomfortably close to the way Harrison Wells inserted himself into their lives. Barry refuses to make the same mistake but Iris offers him a bit of a reminder; they defeated Wells because Barry trusted and believed in others. But if he doesn’t trust them, it’s only a matter of time before their faith in Barry falls by the wayside.

Despite Jay Garrick’s earnestness, Barry’s having trust issues

As Barry deals with his warring feelings, Joe has to deal with a very determined Patty Spivot. On the force a mere seven months, Officer Spivot becomes the only person to volunteer for the Anti-Metahuman Task Force (AMTF), a prospect Joe refuses to back. Despite his firm “no” to her request, Spivot displays her competence on more than one occasion. First, she points out a clue at the fire where Sand Demon tried ambushing Barry and they use it to ID one Eddie Slick, the man who Barry confirms as his attacker. To Joe’s chagrin, Spivot collars Slick for the interrogation. Her third part of the act isn’t the most envious as Sand Demon takes her as bait to draw out and kill the Flash.

While Stein and Cisco try to discover Sand Demon’s lair, Barry finally breaks down and asks Jay for help. The elder Flash explains to Barry what he needs to do to take out this new threat; channel his inner Zeus and hurl lightning from the energy created when he runs because, we all know that sand plus lightning equals a glass fried meta-human baddie…

With the help of Cisco tapping into his newfound abilities—more on that later—Barry and Jay storm Sand Demon’s lair. Garrick provides the distraction while Barry saves the trussed up Spivot.  Facing the sand menace one-on-one, Barry puts Jay’s teachings to good use and takes out Sand Demon. Back at the lab Caitlin patches up a bruised Jay. The two seem to share their own bond, despite such a short time knowing one another. He opens up about losing his powers and she can share in the sentiment of loss. “It’s hard,” she tells him, her thoughts drifting to Ronnie, “but it gets easier every day. You just have to find a new way to live. Just because it’s a different life doesn’t mean it’s a worse one.”

Barry gets his own time with Jay, apologizing for his less than friendly attitude. The Flash of Earth-2 shares a bit more about Zoom’s end game. “He needs to be the best. And he will do whatever it takes to ensure he’s the only speedster—in any world.”

The Flash saves Patty Spivot from Sand Demon

Speaking of worlds, Cisco’s has changed in ways he cannot explain. He tells Stein about his newfound abilities, triggered after Wells killed him. “I get a vibe and then a vision of something that has already happened.” Stein believes they need to study it more and share with the group but Cisco begs the good prof to keep it between the two of them. Stein agrees and then the two delve into their findings about the multiverse breaches—plural. Thanks to some electrophotography, they’ve discovered 52 such breaches throughout the city, the biggest one centered in STAR Labs…and that’s when Stein begins to seize and…

A tour of STAR labs in a most different reality, one harkening back to a modern day 1950’s. The guide takes the children through this place of scientific wonder and they all stop, star struck, when the “Savior of Central City” appears. The founder of STAR labs, one we know all too well.

Dr. Harrison Wells. 

Flash Facts

  • Even though it’s only been around one season, ‘The Flash’ has always been fantastic laying out the Easter eggs for fans. These nuggets aren’t just for the fans but many are seamlessly woven into the story arc. This week continued with those special surprises; from the 52 breaches to Cisco’s imprint “vibe” and Jay Garrick himself, all will play important roles of what’s to come.
  • Speaking of roles, welcome to the team, Officer Spivot. True, she may not be a part of “Team Flash” just yet, her insertion into the AMTF and how well she and Barry hit it off, promises a bit of intrigue and, dare I say, a romantic interest for our titular hero.
  • Who is Zoom? This is the question we’ll be asking for the next few weeks. Is Zoom the Harrison Wells from Earth-2 (as he was shown at the end of the show) or is this villain someone else? And why is he sending lackies to kill Barry instead of doing it himself? And how is he able to access the breaches into Earth-1? There are so many ways for them to tackle this character but one thing is certain—I trust these writers.