With reality TV constantly drawing viewers away from traditional scripted programming, networks have gotten skittish with original series.  If a show doesn’t launch strong from the get-go, networks are quick to deep six them in favor of cheaper reality shows that deliver better ratings.  This is especially true with genre shows, like ‘Revolution‘ and ‘Terra Nova‘ among many, many others, that attracted a devoted cult following, but not enough viewers to justify their hefty production costs.

To hedge their bets, networks are increasingly looking to revive older properties for modern audiences, i.e. the hits ‘Hawaii FIve-O’ and ‘Parenthood’.  (And let’s not forget that ‘Buffy’ was originally a goofy teen comedy flick before becoming the legendary TV series.)  CBS is developing shows based on buddy cop flick ‘Rush Hour’ and romantic drama ‘In Good Company.’  Fox is looking to develop a series based on the Will Smith vehicle ‘Hitch’, the 80s classic ‘Big’, ‘Monster-In-Law’ and ‘Minority Report.’  The CW is planning a series based on ‘The Illusionist’  Meanwhile, the struggling NBC is diving all in, with new versions of ‘Bewitched’,’ Marley & Me’ (maybe the dog will die in every episode, kind of like Kenny in the original ‘South park’ episodes), ‘Problem Child’ and ‘The Money Pit.’

Add one more to CBS’s list, as a series based on the 2011 Bradley Cooper movie ‘Limitless’ is in the works. The original movie featured Cooper’s character Brian Sinclair taking an experimental drug that allows him full access to his brain’s potential and thus turns him from loser writer to financial wizard which makes him the target of some bad guys. The project has been given a pilot production commitment and will pick up where the film left off with Sinclair being “coerced into using his newfound drug enhanced abilities for good.” In other words, it’ll be another procedural series. Rumblings of this originated last fall, but it looks like we’re growing closer to seeing it come to fruition.

Cooper is executive producing, but will not star.  He is producing alongside his Yet To Be Named Co. partner Todd Phillips, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Heather Kadin, Ryan Kavanaugh, Tucker Tooley, Tom Forman and Craig Sweeny who will pen the script.  Co-executive producing will be Andrew Marcus, Ray Ricord, Leslie Dixon (who wrote the screenplay for the film), Scott Kroopf (who produced the film) and Neil Burger, who directed the movie and is also slated to direct the series pilot.

Are you interested in seeing ‘Limitless’ brought to prime time?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter